#3966: All About Drones

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Rebecca Foon, who is the Montreal-based cellist mastermind of Saltland

This edition of New Sounds is all about drones– the most traditional ways of making music like Indian Classical music, or music made with digeridoo. Hear more contemporary uses of the drone in new music from the Montreal-based one-woman band, Saltland, aka cellist Rebecca Foon, From her latest, “A Common Truth, ” listen to a layered electro-acoustic piece, atop a rich set of drones. Then, there’s classical Indian sitar with electric guitar and/or synth from upstate New York. Listen to a sonic meditation over a drone named for a South Indian raga scale by the duo, Arranged Marriage NP. Chamber music meets contemporary electronic music, in a work by New York composer Nico Muhly, and his bonus track from “Drones,” called “Drones in Large Cycles.”

There’s music built on a drone from Estonian singer/violinist Maarja Nuut along with a piece from Norwegian saxophone player Jan Garbarek accompanied by a wind harp, capturing the sound of the Fjords of Norway as musical drone. And more. 

PROGRAM #3966, music with drones (First Aired: 3/29/2017)

ARTIST: Saltland
WORK: Forward Eyes I [3:34]
RECORDING: A Common Truth
SOURCE: http://cstrecords.com/cst123/
INFO: Due out March 31, 2017

ARTIST: Arranged Marriage NP
WORK: Hamsadhwani [11:39]
RECORDING: Arranged Marriage NP
SOURCE/INFO: arrangedmarriage-np.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Saltland
WORK: Forward Eyes II [5:19]
RECORDING: A Common Truth
SOURCE: http://cstrecords.com/cst123/
INFO: Due out March 31, 2017

ARTIST: Nico Muhly
WORK: Drones in large cycles [11:41]
INFO: bedroomcommunity.net

ARTIST: Jan Garbarek
WORK: Dis [7:44]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Maarja Nuut
WORK: Sabatants [5:30]
SOURCE/INFO: maarjanuut.bandcamp.com