#3965: Music Based on Buddhist Prayer

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Composer and pianist Anton Batagov

Hear music centered on Buddhist prayer for this New Sounds. Listen to prayer with improvised piano accompaniment from Tibetan devotional singer Yungchen Lhamo and Russian pianist and composer Anton Batagov from their collaborative record, Tayatha.

The main body of the show is the long movement of another of Batagov’s Buddhist-inspired work - a new evening-length piece, “The One Thus Gone” - which is what Buddha called himself instead of "I".  The work is something of a rock cantata without electric guitars, instead the work contains heavily processed strings, along with group of voices singing Buddhist texts, in Tibetan. This extended-length piece surely takes one on a journey. The composer writes in the notes, that “[i]n the conclusion of this text it is said that all beings who hear this prayer will attain enlightenment within three lifetimes.” Plus, hear an excerpt from a live performance featuring Yungchen Lhamo & The Mickey Hart Band. 

PROGRAM #3965, music based on Buddhist prayer (First Aired: 3/28/2017)      

ARTIST: Yungchen Lhamo & Anton Batagov
WORK: Ungrateful Child [9:04]
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music 21090
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: Anton Batagov with Alexander Manotskov: lead vocals, guitar, dryna 
Asya Sorshneva: electric violin, electronics 
Sergey Kalachev “Grebstel”: bass guitar, electronics 
Vladimir Zharko: drums 
Ensemble N’Caged 
WORK: The One Thus Gone - 03 The Prayer of Samantabhadra [35:30]
RECORDING: The One Thus Gone
SOURCE: Fancy Music | fancymusic.bandcamp.com
INFO: Due out March 31, 2017

ARTIST: Yungchen Lhamo & The Mickey Hart Band
WORK: Djinn Djinn, excerpt [8:15]
RECORDING: Live at the El Ray Theater, Los Angeles, 2012
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: To hear in full, try YouTube