#3943: The Collaborative Side of Philip Glass

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Philip Glass

Celebrate the 80th birthday of Philip Glass with an hour of music highlighting the collaborative side of Philip Glass. Rather than focus on his symphonies, operas, or music with the Philip Glass Ensemble, hear some of the music made with pop & rock musicians, among others.

Hear music from a collaboration called “Songs from Liquid Days,” originally begun with David Byrne, where Philip Glass said “The words come first. From that song cycle, listen to Paul Simon’s “Changing Opinion,” a song exploring the possible sources of an electrical hum in a room. There’s also a bit of music from Paul Simon’s “The Late Great Johnny Ace” where Philip Glass provided a piece of music to end the song.  Listen also to music from Mike Oldfield, which includes music borrowed from Philip Glass, his “North Star.”  Then, there’s a reworking or two of music by Philip Glass; pianist Víkingur Ólafsson does up one of the piano etudes for string quartet, and Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson remixes music from Satyagraha. And more. 

PROGRAM #3943,  The Collaborative Side of Philip Glass (at 80) (First Aired 1-31-2017)      

ARTIST: Paul Simon, ft. Marin Alsop, violin
WORK: The Late Great Johnny Ace, excerpt [1:11]
RECORDING: Hearts and Bones
SOURCE: Warner Bros. 7599239422
INFO: Available Amazon and iTunes

ARTIST: Paul Simon & Philip Glass, ft. Bernard Fowler 
WORK: Changing Opinion [9:57]
RECORDING: Songs from Liquid Days
SOURCE: Cbs Masterworks #39564
INFO: Available at arkivmusic.com

ARTIST: Philip Glass
WORK: A Gentleman’s Honor (lyrics by David Byrne) [3:17]
RECORDING: The Photographer
SOURCE: Sony Classical 73684
INFO: Reissued in 2013, Music On Vinyl, MOVCL 005

ARTIST: Philip Glass / David Bowie
WORK: Heroes [5:56]
RECORDING: Heroes Symphony
SOURCE: Point Music 454-388-2
INFO: Available as an import at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Mike Oldfield
WORK: Glass: North Star/Platinum Finale [4:45]
SOURCE: LP, out of print,  
INFO: stream/download at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Jóhann Jóhannsson
WORK: Protest [3:50]
RECORDING: Rework Philip Glass Remixed
SOURCE: Orange Mountain TKR 026
INFO: orangemountainmusic.com

ARTIST: Víkingur Ólafsson, Siggi String Quartet
WORK: No. 2 [Glass Études] [6:03]
RECORDING: Philip Glass Piano Works
SOURCE: Deutsche Gramophon 0289 479 6918 1
INFO: deutschegrammophon.com

ARTIST: Philip Glass & Robert Moran
WORK: Act II Scene 1 [7:47]
RECORDING: The Juniper Tree
SOURCE: Orange Mountain Music Records 57
INFO: orangemountainmusic.com

ARTIST: Tara Hugo
WORK: Philip Glass: Always Neverwas [3:42]
RECORDING: Tara Hugo sings Philip Glass
SOURCE: Orange Mountain Music OMM 0084
INFO: orangemountainmusic.com