#3942: New Releases, January 2017

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John Schaefer's latest desk configuration - the wall

It's the end of the month, which is the time for sharing the latest releases that have come across John Schaefer's desk and into the New Sounds inbox. John Schaefer picks through the piles of CDs, the odd cassettes, 8-tracks, LPs, mini-CDs, and all other things that are not digital audio. He scrolls through the downloads (and their cryptic notes) that have flooded his inbox to find new releases worthy of showcasing in tonight's program.

What we can see from here includes music from The Crossing, the choir based in Philadelphia, from their forthcoming record, Seven Responses, along with music from Brooklyn-based composer Grant Cutler. There's also sound-art from Sxip Shirey, music drawn from a dance score from Max Richter, and ambient music from the Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society.

PROGRAM #3942,  New Releases, Jan. 2017 (First Aired 1-30-2017)    

ARTIST: Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
WORK:  Evening Star, excerpt  [4:20]
RECORDING: Evening Star
SOURCE: Opal / DGM 0516 
INFO: dgmlive.com OR enoshop.co.uk

ARTIST: Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
WORK: Evening Star (The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society Interpretation) [6:29]
RECORDING: Blue Filter
SOURCE/INFO: sixdegreesrecords.com

ARTIST: Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
WORK: St Tropez 1966 [6:22]
RECORDING: Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
SOURCE: sixdegreesrecords.com
INFO: Due out Feb 10, 2017

ARTIST: Max Richter / Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, Robert Ziegler
WORK: Orlando: Modular Astronomy [3:14]
RECORDING: Max Richter Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works
SOURCE: Deutsche Grammophon 0289 479 7158 
INFO: deutschegrammophon.com

ARTIST: Sxip Shirey
WORK: The Last Walk Through the City [4:12]
RECORDING: A bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees
SOURCE: sxipshireymusic.com
INFO: Available at Amazon & iTunes

ARTIST: The Crossing
WORK: Santa Ratniece: My soul will sink within me [16:46]
RECORDING: Seven Responses
SOURCE: Innova 912
INFO: innova.mu, Due out Feb. 3, 2017

ARTIST: Grant Cutler
WORK: Falling Asleep In The Streets, excerpt [5:51]
RECORDING: Self Portrait
SOURCE: Innova 961
INFO: innova.mu, Due out Feb. 24, 2017