#3941: Northern Fiddles

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This Is How We Fly

Listen to Northern fiddles for this New Sounds, featuring traditional folk music-inflected music, which blends these fiddles with marimba, trumpet, electronics, sax, and concertina. Hear the quartet This Is How We Fly out of Northern Ireland, whose featured instrument is the Norwegian 10-stringed Hardanger fiddle of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, coupled with a sophisticated Appalachian hard shoe dancer, a thoughtful Dublin jazzer and a lyrical Swedish percussionist. Then, listen to music for Hardanger Fiddle and viola d’amore from the Scandinavian trio Groupa, who blend all kinds of Nordic folk.

Also, listen to minimalist-leaning chamber music from the Norwegian improvisational trio 1982, featuring Hardanger fiddles, harmonium, piano & drums. There’s music from the Irish chamber group Ensemble Eriu who mix together concertina, clarinet, guitar, and marimba with their traditional fiddle.  Plus, music from The Gloaming, and from a classic Carter Burwell film score, “Fargo.”

PROGRAM #3941,  Northern Fiddles (First Aired 1-26-2017) 

ARTIST: This Is How We Fly
WORK: What What What, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: This Is How We Fly
SOURCE/INFO: thisishowwefly.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Groupa
WORK: Slängpolskor [5:06]
RECORDING:  Kind of folk - vol. 1 Sweden
SOURCE: All Ice via cdroots.com 
INFO: www.groupa.se

ARTIST: Ensemble Ériu
WORK: The Tempest [4:52]
SOURCE/INFO: ensembleeriu.com

ARTIST: 1982
WORK: 3_51 [3:53]
SOURCE/INFO: hubromusic.com

ARTIST: This Is How We Fly
WORK: What What What [3:53]
RECORDING: This Is How We Fly
SOURCE/INFO: thisishowwefly.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: The Gloaming
WORK: The Old Bush [7:36]
RECORDING: The Gloaming
SOURCE: Brassland HWY-037 
INFO: store.brassland.org

ARTIST: This Is How We Fly
WORK: March for a Dark Day [4:50]
RECORDING: This Is How We Fly
SOURCE/INFO: thisishowwefly.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Caoimhin O Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman
WORK: What What What, excerpt [:48]
SOURCE/INFO: store.irishmusic.net

ARTIST: Karl Seglem
WORK: The Last Norwegian Troll [5:08]
SOURCE: Ozella 034
INFO: ozellamusic.com

ARTIST: Arve Henriksen
WORK: Gjermund Larsen : Hambopolskavalsen [5:22]
RECORDING: The Nature Of Connections
SOURCE: RCD2161 Rune Grammofon
INFO: runegrammofon.com

ARTIST: Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
WORK: Hjaltaren [4:15]
RECORDING: Deliverance
INFO: thenordicfiddlersbloc.com

ARTIST: Carter Burwell
WORK: the Lost Sheep (trad Norwegian) [2:44]
Fargo 1996 Film Barton Fink 1991 Film
INFO: Available at iTunes or Amazon.com