#3927: Classical Instruments, Contemporary Sounds

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Amiina (2010)

Hear music that begins with classical instruments, like the string quartet, piano, or an orchestra, but which is then augmented, enhanced by electronics, percussion, or preparation. Listen to works by English violinist, pianist, and composer Poppy Ackroyd, Netherlands-based composer Peter Adriaansz, and cinematic music from the augmented string quartet amiina.

The versatile Dutch pianist Saskia Lankhoorn plays a specially-prepared piano over a bed of droning sine tones in a work by Seattle-born, Netherlands-based Peter Adriaansz, “Attachments III.” Then, hear music by the Icelandic outfit, amiina, which was once the touring string quartet with Sigur Ros, and has now expanded to include percussion & electronics. From amiina, hear selections from their standalone original live score to the 1913 film Fantômas, that lord of terror, creator of fear, and genius of evil who initially came to live in the crime fictions of French writers.

Then, listen to "Rave," music for piano and pre-recorded electronics by Molly Joyce for longtime friend and collaborator, pianist Vicky Chow. Her latest, Aorta, gets its record release party on Sunday, Dec 11th, at National Sawdust

Also, hear music for percussion and electronics by John Luther Adams, featuring Glenn Kotche, from the long-form work, Ilimaq. Plus, listen to grand music for amplified orchestra by English composer Andrew Poppy from a record released on ZTT Records in the mid-eighties.

PROGRAM #3927,  classical instruments, contemporary sounds  (First Aired 12-8-2016)        

ARTIST: Andrew Poppy
WORK: 32 Frames for Amplified Orchestra, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: The Artefact Series
SOURCE: ZTT Records 186
INFO: ztt.com  

ARTIST: Saskia Lankhoorn, piano
WORK: Peter Adriaansz: Attachments III [7:52]
RECORDING: Enclosures
SOURCE: Ergodos ER 25
INFO: ergodos.ie

ARTIST: Poppy Ackroyd
WORK: Birdwoman [5:36]
SOURCE: Denovali Records
INFO: denovali.com

ARTIST: Amiina
WORK: Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson: Crocodile [5:39]
SOURCE/INFO: amiina.com

ARTIST: Andrew Poppy
WORK: 32 Frames for Amplified Orchestra [8:39]
RECORDING: The Artefact Series
SOURCE: ZTT Records 186
INFO: ztt.com  

ARTIST: Amiina
WORK: Solrun Sumarlidadottir: Café [3:25]
SOURCE/INFO: amiina.com

ARTIST: Vicky Chow
WORK: Molly Joyce: Rave [11:17]
INFO: newamrecords.com

ARTIST:  John Luther Adams & Glenn Kotche
WORK: John Luther Adams: Ilimaq , Ascension [3:06]
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music 21112
INFO: johnlutheradams.bandcamp.com