#3915: Music with Irish or Scottish Roots

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For this New Sounds, listen to music with roots in Irish or Scottish singing. Hear from Irish fiddler Martin Hayes, and American guitarist Dennis Cahill, in a quartet setting, which includes Liz Knowles on viola (Swing Sisters, Ensemble Galilee, Open the Door for Three), and Doug Wieselman on bass clarinet. Also, listen to transporting music from one of their other musical endeavors, The Gloaming. Hear "Fainleog," ("which means 'swallow,' as in the bird, but also means, appropriately, a wanderer” – Iarla O Lionaird) from their second release, The Gloaming 2.

SEE Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill in Residence at Irish Arts Center, Oct 26-29.

Martin Hayes Quartet

Also, hear music from archival songstress Peia, whose roots are Scots and Irish, and most likely Basque, as she accompanies herself with charangon, harmonium and guitar. Her latest record, Beauty Thunders, due out in mid-November, is a collection of songs from traditions around the world - Sufi Qawwali, music of Peru, and Gaelic traditional songs.


Then, listen to Anglo-Indian singer Sheila Chandra who weaves together sounds of Ireland and India. There’s also an Irish melody from New York-based Pierce Turner as arranged by Philip Glass, music from Canadian musicians Laurel McDonald and Mary Jane Lamond, and a live in-studio performance by Scottish band Mouth Music from 1991, & more. 

PROGRAM #3915, Music with Irish Roots (First Aired 10-25-2016)       

ARTIST: Pierce Turner/arr. Philip Glass
WORK: How It Shone (unreleased, instrumental), excerpt [1:10]
RECORDING: It’s Only a Long Way Across LP
SOURCE: Out of print. 
INFO:   Try Amazon.com for the rest of this record 

ARTIST: Martin Hayes Quartet
WORK: The Orphan [3:08]
RECORDING: Private recording
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: martinhayes.com

ARTIST: The Gloaming
WORK: Fainleog [7:16]
RECORDING: The Gloaming 2
INFO: store.brassland.org

ARTIST: Pierce Turner/arr. Philip Glass
WORK: How It Shone (unreleased, instrumental) [4:53]
RECORDING: It’s Only a Long Way Across
SOURCE: Out of print LP 
INFO:   Try Amazon.com for the rest of this record 

ARTIST: Larry Kirwan
WORK: Sunrise on Innis Mann [5:48]
RECORDING: Aran (Dance Score for June Anderson Dance)
SOURCE/INFO: Cassette not commercially available.

WORK: Ciamar a ní mi’n dannsa díreach [4:02]
RECORDING: Beauty Thunders
SOURCE: peiasong.com
INFO: Due out November 16, 2016, peia.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Mouth Music
WORK: S'Muladach [5:23]
RECORDING: Live, WNYC 12/26/91
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: Mouth Music recordings are available: www.cdbaby.com

ARTIST: Mary Jane Lamond
WORK: Óran Sníomh (Spinning Song) [5:12]
INFO: maryjanelamond.com, also download from cdbaby.com OR iTunes

ARTIST: Sheila Chandra
WORK: Lagan Love; Nada Brahma [4:06]
RECORDING: Moonsung - A Real World Retrospective
SOURCE: Real World Records 80076
INFO: realworldrecords.com

ARTIST: Laurel MacDonald
WORK: Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi, excerpt [5:00]
RECORDING: Luscinia's Lullaby
SOURCE: Improbable Music #04
INFO: improbablemusic.com