#3898: Musical Mourning

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Composer Ingram Marshall

The lament as something that you can perform has been the genesis for many works over the years. Listen to music built around mourning by Ingram Marshall, which actually uses old field recordings of professional mourners from Southeastern Europe, and electronically processes them. In his work, “Hidden Voices,” soprano Cheryl Bensman-Rowe provides the human element, taking both electronic voices and human ones raised in mourning. Also, hear a musical lament, from Greek singer Irene Papas and Vangelis, along with two laments from the musical production of the play, “Medea,” by composer Eleni Karaindrou.

Then, listen to music by Arvo Pärt for piano and orchestra, based on a Slavic hymn recounting the soul’s journey when life ends, his “Lamentate.” There’s also music from Chinese-born composer Tiange Zhou, and her “Lament for Adonis,” and more.

PROGRAM #3898, Musical Mourning (First Aired 09-12-2016)    

ARTIST: Ingram Marshall
WORK: Hidden Voices [19:08]
RECORDING: Marshall: Three Penitential Visions, Hidden Voices
SOURCE: Nonesuch 79227
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Irene Papas & Vangelis  
WORK: Lamento [7:40]
SOURCE: 1979 / reissued 2007 UMVD 1720633 
INFO: Available as an import on Amazon.com 

ARTIST: Eleni Karaindrou
WORK: Medea's Lament I [1:46], Medea's Lament II [1:45]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Tiange Zhao
WORK: Lament for Adonis [8:03]
RECORDING: Live from New Music New Haven on December 11, 2014
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: tiangezhoumusic.com  

ARTIST: Phil Kline (performed by Lionheart & ETHEL)
WORK: Hear My Prayer [1:54]
RECORDING: John the Revelator, A Mass for Six Voices
SOURCE: Cantaloupe 21047
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: Arvo Pärt Alexei Lumbimov Stuttgart Radio Orchestra, cond. by Andrey Boreyko
WORK: Arvo Pärt : Lamentabile [5:46]
RECORDING: Lamentate
SOURCE: ECM New Series 1930
INFO: ecmrecords.com