#3894: With Christopher Tignor

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Christopher Tignor, at WNYC

For this New Sounds, violinist/composer, bike messenger, live sound engineer (he worked at CBGB’s and Brownies), snowboard instructor, software designer – (including software instruments for processing sounds), and Emergency Medical Technician Christopher Tignor joins John Schaefer in the studio to perform highlights from his new record record and video album, “Along A Vanishing Plane.” Equipped with a violin, tuning forks & string electromagnetics, a kick drum, and a laptop running sound-altering software that he designed himself, he’ll administer a dose of gorgeous ritual music, of “wordless hymns” for “personal interpretation and reflection.”

Additionally, Tignor also leads the bands Slow Six and Wires Under Tension, in addition to having done string arranging work with the epic post-rock ensemble, This Will Destroy You. The Le Poisson Rouge site (where he holds the record release show tomorrow night, 9/2/16 at 7PM) also tells us that “in the 90’s Christopher Tignor immersed himself in minimalism, working as an assistant for LaMonte Young while learning sound engineering on the job at a New York contemporary music festival produced by Philip Glass.” He went on to refine his skills mixing live sound for bands at two of New York’s seminal clubs, CBGB’s and Brownies. During this time Tignor also studied computer science, developing his unique software instruments for processing sounds.”

Then, listen to the Akropolis Reed Quintet performing a “groovy and beautiful” work by Marc Mellits, “Splinter,” an 8-part miniature. We’ll hear just a few of the movements, which are all named after types of trees. The work was the program for the web premiere last night by the Akropolis Reed Quintet.