#3891: Electronic Music Looking Back

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Hear music by London-based Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, who layers synth lines, pulses, shakers and his singing voice in overlapping repeating rhythms on a 12” B side from his 2016 EP, KUIPER. Then, listen to proto-techno music mixed with systems music from the Belgian band Aksak Maboul, released back in 1977, Onze danses pour combattre la migraine, or "11 dances for fighting migraines."

Also, there’s music by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith written on a Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, inspired by Euclidean geometry, mbira music, and early electronic music pioneers like Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel, and Terry Riley. Plus, hear synthesizer music with shades of Balinese gamelan and arresting tunings by Wendy Carlos, from her haunting "world music" album, Beauty in the Beast. 

PROGRAM #3891, Electronic Music Looking Back (First Aired 8-24-2016)

ARTIST: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
WORK: Labyrinth VIII [1:30]
SOURCE: Western Vinyl 130
INFO: westernvinyl.com

ARTIST: Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points
WORK: Mimoun Marhaba [8:13]
SOURCE: Border Community 46BCD / or Eglo EGBC001 on 12” Vinyl
INFO: normanrecords.com OR Download from Amazon.co.uk 

ARTIST: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
WORK: Labyrinth  V [1:05]
SOURCE: Western Vinyl 130
INFO: westernvinyl.com

ARTIST: Aksak Maboul
WORK: Mastoul Alakefak [6:15]
RECORDING: Onze danses pour combattre la migraine
SOURCE: Crammed Discs Cram101
INFO: Reissued on vinyl, with 3 bonus tracks crammed.be

ARTIST: Floating Points
WORK: For Marmish Part II [14:05]
SOURCE: Luaka Bop
INFO: luakabop-store.11spot.com

ARTIST: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
WORK: Labyrinth I [1:31]
SOURCE: Western Vinyl 130
INFO: westernvinyl.com

ARTIST: Wendy Carlos
WORK: Poem for Bali [17:41]
RECORDING: Beauty in the Beast
SOURCE: Audion Records / East Side Digital ESD 81552
INFO: Available at Amazon.com | wendycarlos.com