#3890: Echoes of Crafty Guitar

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On this episode, we explore music patterned like that of Robert Fripp's League of Crafty Guitarists project, which emphasized rhythmically interlocking composition and which spawned acclaimed practitioners around the globe. Hear from Patrick Grant's rock-forward (and cleverly-titled) Tilted Axes group, and explore selections from the more restrained and classically oriented quartet Instruments of Happiness. Enjoy a deep instrumental cut from the on-again-off-again British rock group Kitchens of Distinction. And marvel at the multi-layered strings of Valérie Milot as she recontextualizes Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" for the harp. 

PROGRAM #3890, Echoes of Crafty Guitar (First Aired 8-23-2016)  

ARTIST: Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists
WORK: Invocation [5:20]
INFO:  Available at Amazon or iTunes

ARTIST: Tilted Axes
WORK: Shapes 2 [6:26]
RECORDING: Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars
SOURCE: patrickgrant.com/tiltedaxes
INFO:  Available at Amazon or iTunes

ARTIST: Antoine Berthiaume & Instruments of Happiness
WORK: Fungi [9:06]
RECORDING: Instruments of Happiness
SOURCE: Starkland ST 224
INFO: www.starkland.com

ARTIST: Valérie Milot
WORK: Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint - Mouvement I [6:51]
SOURCE: Analekta AN 2 9880
INFO: www.analekta.com

ARTIST: Kitchens of Distinction 
WORK: Air Shifting [2:52]
RECORDING: Breathing Fear 
SOURCE: One Little Indian 23013730
INFO: Try Amazon

ARTIST: Tim Brady & Instruments of Happiness
WORK: The Same River Twice, Symphony 5.0 - Float [10:51]
RECORDING: Instruments of Happiness
SOURCE: Starkland ST 224
INFO: www.starkland.com