#3885: Ghost Songs

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Hear music about ghosts and hauntings for this New Sounds show. From a love story/ghost story in a medieval poem sung in Gaelic to ghostly mostly instrumental music from Portland, Oregon-based artist Ash Black Bufflo, and prepared piano manipulator, Hauschka.

Listen to music by Hauschka about a ghost town, “Who Lived Here,” where a haunting could happen, along with “The Barn,” from the song cycle, “Unremembered” by Sarah Kirkland Snider, where the ghost of a girl haunts the structure.

Then, hear music from Laurie Anderson, from her recent film, “Heart of a Dog,” along with a work from Sxip Shirey- “Ghosts of the Gowanus Canal” (which is a superfund site).  Listen also to haunting songs like “She Moved Through the Fair,” a love story of disappearance, and continuation.  There’s also the spare and spectral “Song 44,” from Irish-American supergroup The Gloaming, adapted from an 800-year-old Irish poem about a man who sees the woman he loves in his dreams.

Also, sample instrumental music from Portland, Oregon-based artist Ash Black Bufflo who is quoted in an interview, about the music: “it’s about a lot of things, but mostly about cursedness, [also about] ghosts—personal and from a ways back. There’s redemption in there too, somewhere.” Plus, music from composer Jherek Bischoff, and  England’s Penguin Café (led by Arthur Jeffes) and more.

PROGRAM #3885, Ghost Songs (First Aired 8-04-2016)        

ARTIST: Hauschka
WORK: Who Lived Here [4:49]
RECORDING: Abandoned Cities
SOURCE: Temporary Residence trr232
INFO: shop.temporaryresidence.com

ARTIST: Laurie Anderson
WORK: Three Ghosts [3:50]
RECORDING: Heart of a Dog
SOURCE: Nonesuch 552027
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Sarah Kirkland Snider
WORK: The Barn [4:26]
RECORDING: Unremembered
INFO: New Amsterdam Records 

ARTIST: Fairport Convention
WORK: She Moves Through the Fair [4:09]
RECORDING: What We Did On Our Holidays
SOURCE: Carthage #CGCD4430
INFO: Try Amazon.com

ARTIST: The Gloaming
WORK: Song 44 [6:45]
RECORDING: The Gloaming
SOURCE: Brassland HWY-037 
INFO: store.brassland.org

ARTIST: Sxip Shirey
WORK: Ghosts Of The Gowanus Canal [4:23]
RECORDING: Sonic New York
SOURCE/INFO: sxipshirey.com

ARTIST: Ash Black Bufflo
WORK: Go 'Way Old Ghosts [7:26]
SOURCE: Knitting Factory Records
INFO: shop.knittingfactoryrecords.com

ARTIST: Jherek Bischoff  with Craig Wedren
WORK: Your Ghost [4:59]
SOURCE: Brassland  HWY-027
INFO: jherekbischoff.com | brassland.org

ARTIST: Penguin Café
WORK: Ghost in the Pond [4:10]
RECORDING: A Matter of Life...
SOURCE/INFO: penguincafe.bigcartel.com

ARTIST: Chas Smith
WORK: The Ghosts on the Windows, excerpt [:40]
SOURCE: Cold Blue #0029
INFO: coldbluemusic.com