#3846: Chamber Music, of a Sort

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For this New Sounds, hear chamber music, of a sort from the Penguin Café Orchestra, led by the late Simon Jeffes, which centered around string instruments like violin, viola, cello and piano, but also had cuatros, ukulele, mbira, and other fun sounds. Then, listen to global chamber/world music group Penguin Café, as led by Arthur Jeffes, the son of the late Simon Jeffes. Hear music from their recent record, “The Red Book.” 

Then hear works from the quartet known as Collectress, multi-instrumentalist collaborators who deal in both composed and improvised music. They take traditional chamber music instruments like violin, viola, cello, flute, piano and guitar and augment them with voice, toy instruments and found sound samples, much like Penguin Café Orchestra, and Penguin Café. Incidentally, their cellist plays with Penguin Café, and on Collectress' most recent record, “Mondegreen,” there is a contribution on prepared piano from Arthur Jeffes (on “Mouseclover,” which we won’t hear on this episode of New Sounds.)

Listen also to music from pianist, violinist, and composer Poppy Ackroyd, who makes music from piano, harpsichord, and violin- all sampled and sculpted in unexpected ways, along with a tribute to the Penguin Café Orchestra from the Books, featuring post-rock group Clogs, from a compilation of live recordings from Cincinnati’s MusicNOW festival.  Plus, hear a short excerpt from “Sleep,” the 8-hour "manifesto for a slower pace of existence” by German-born pianist/composer Max Richter. And more. 

PROGRAM #3846, Chamber Music, of a Sort (First Aired 3-29-2016)   

ARTIST: Penguin Café Orchestra
WORK: Air à Danser, excerpt [1:43]
SOURCE: Virgin #PCOBOX 1 [4 CDs] 
INFO:  Available for purchase at Amazon.com or penguincafe.com

ARTIST: Collectress
WORK: Woodenheart [3:29]
RECORDING: Mondegreen
SOURCE: peelerrecords.bandcamp.com
INFO: collectress.co.uk

ARTIST: Penguin Café Orchestra
WORK: Perpetuum Mobile [4:28]
RECORDING: Signs of Life
SOURCE: EG Records EEG 50
INFO:  Available at penguincafe.com

ARTIST: Penguin Café
WORK: Solaris [4:26]
SOURCE: penguincafe.com

ARTIST: The Books (feat. Clogs) 
WORK: Classy Penguin [4:35]
RECORDING: MusicNOW 10 Years
SOURCE: brassland.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Poppy Ackroyd
WORK: Roads [5:16]
SOURCE: Denovali Records
INFO: denovali.com

ARTIST: Collectress
WORK: Spell [2:43]
RECORDING: Mondegreen
SOURCE: peelerrecords.bandcamp.com
INFO: collectress.co.uk

ARTIST: George Hurd/The Hurd Ensemble
WORK: Tethering Blind [4:01]
RECORDING: Navigation Without Numbers
SOURCE: Innova 937
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Penguin Café Orchestra
WORK: Numbers 1 – 4 [6:58]
RECORDING: Penguin Café Orchestra
INFO: penguincafe.com

ARTIST: Max Richter, ACME
WORK: Dream 3 (In The Midst of My Life) [10:03]
SOURCE: DG Deutsche Grammophon 479 5258 
INFO: deutschegrammophon.com