#3843: Stumbling through Gaelic: Music Based on Irish Song

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Lisa Moore

Listen to an hour of songs with Gaelic titles, from the Irish folk tradition in contemporary arrangements, as well as composed pieces. There’s music with folk/traditional echoes by ex-rocker and Irish composer/guitarist Dave Flynn, along with a work by Donnacha Dennehy that incorporates the unaccompanied Irish vocal music, Sean nós.  Dennehy is also an Irish composer, who is a Princeton University professor besides, and the Founder of the new music group, Crash Ensemble.

Then listen to music by the Australian-born Netherlands-based composer Kate Moore for pianist Lisa Moore (no relation, as far as is known), as well as vocal music by Saileog ni Cheannabhain for the septet Ensemble Ériu. Ensemble Ériu is known for their performances of arrangements rooted in the style of West and North County Clare's Irish traditional music. Plus, hear mouth music from Bothy Band, and traditional songs in arresting arrangements from Celtic singer Susan McKeown and Canadian singer Mary Jane Lamond, and more.

PROGRAM #3843, Stumbling through Gaelic: music based on Irish song (First Aired 3-17-2016) 

ARTIST: Bothy Band
WORK: Fionnghuala [1:26]
SOURCE: Green Linnet 3043
INFO: greenlinnet.com        

ARTIST: Donnacha Dennehy / Crash Ensemble feat. Kate Ellis, cello
WORK: Donnacha Dennehy: Aisling Gheal (Bright Vision) [5:46]
RECORDING: Private recording
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. 
INFO: However, Kate has released a recording of the piece on Diatribe Records

ARTIST: Ensemble Ériu
WORK:  Saileog ni Cheannabhain: Seachrán Sí  [7:13]
RECORDING: Ensemble Ériu
SOURCE: raelachrecords.com
INFO: raelachrecords.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Lisa Moore
WORK: Kate Moore - Sliabh Beagh [12:39]
RECORDING: The Stone People
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music CA21115
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: David Flynn
WORK: Taibhreamh O'Riada (O'Riada’s Dream) [11:55]
RECORDING: Private recording
SOURCE: Private CDR, not commercially available. 
INFO: daveflynn.com

ARTIST: Mary Jane Lamond
WORK: Óran Sníomh (Spinning Song) [5:12]
INFO: maryjanelamond.com , also download from cdbaby.com OR iTunes

ARTIST: Susan McKeown /Ensemble Tartit
WORK: Oro mhile gra (A thousand times my love) [4:29]
RECORDING: Sweet Liberty
SOURCE: World Village #468029
INFO: worldvillagemusic.com