#3840: Music From 1 to 12 Strings (Guitars, Mostly)

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Guitarist William Tyler

For this New Sounds, listen to fingerstyle guitar from Glenn Jones on re-tuned acoustic guitar from his forthcoming record, "Fleeting." Then there's fingerstyle music from Nashville-based guitarist and composer William Tyler for electric guitar, from his record, "Impossible Truth."  

Also, hear guitar duos descended from Appalachian mountain folk songs by The Baird Sisters, Meg and Laura. (Laura Baird produced "Fleeting" by Glenn Jones.) Then hear stunning duet music from South African guitarists Guy Buttery together with "guitar genius" Derek Gripper. Gripper has transcribed Malian kora music for 6-string acoustic guitar, while Buttery is a finger-style player who can approximate both harp and zither on his 6-strings. 

Plus, hear music from the late Brazilian percussionist, vocalist and berimbau master Nana Vasconcelos, from a 1994 New Sounds Live event. Listen to one of his pieces arranged for cello by Maya Beiser as well.   

PROGRAM #3840, Music for 1 to 12 Strings (First Aired 3-10-2016)

ARTIST: Robbie Basho
WORK: The Grail and the Lotus, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar
SOURCE: Lost Lake Arts #83. Reissued by Grasstops Recordings
INFO: grasstopsrecording.com

ARTIST: Glenn Jones
WORK: Portrait of Basho As A Young Dragon [6:22]
SOURCE: Thrill Jockey  Thrill 408 
INFO: thrilljockey.com

ARTIST: William Tyler
WORK: Country of Illusion [8:56]
RECORDING: Impossible Truth
SOURCE: Merge MRG465
INFO: mergerecords.com

ARTIST: Glenn Jones
WORK: In Durance Vile [4:36]
SOURCE: Thrill Jockey  Thrill 408 
INFO: thrilljockey.com

ARTIST: The Baird Sisters
WORK: Looking at Things Up Close [2:46]
RECORDING: Until You Find Your Green
SOURCE: thebairdsisters.com

ARTIST: Guy Buttery & Derek Gripper
WORK: Two Chords and the Truth [3:18]
RECORDING: Guy Buttery
SOURCE: guybuttery.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Maya Beiser
WORK: Nana Vasconcelos: Trayra Boia [8:36]
SOURCE: Koch International Classics ‎7464
INFO: Out of print,download from Amazon or iTunes, via mayabeiser.com

ARTIST: Nana Vasconcelos
WORK: O Berimbau [7:40]
RECORDING: New Sounds Live, 1994
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.

ARTIST: Nana Vasconcelos
WORK: 2 Amazon Indian folk song arrangements [1:00], excerpt
RECORDING: New Sounds Live, 1994
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.