#3830: Big Bands and Bands That Just Sound Big

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Eco-Music Big Band album cover

 For this New Sounds program, all of the works feature larger ensembles, or have the sound of a big band. Listen to music by the 15-, sometimes 16-piece multi-generational big band founded by Fred Ho, and led by Marie Incontrera – the Eco-Music Big Band. There’s also music from Laura Jurd, the English trumpeter/bandleader along with music by the NYC-based trumpeter/bandleader/composer Jon Crowley and his sextet.  Plus, folk and jazz meet recited poetry in music from Scottish percussionist/bandleader Corrie Dick. Listen to his work, “Soar,” featuring poetry by Alice Zawadzki, which lives up to its title.

Listen also to big band music inspired by Ethiopian jazz and in music by French saxophonist Pierrick Pédron and his ensemble. Then there’s Massachusetts-based brass band, Either Orchestra, doing arrangements of classic 1970’s Ethiopian pop music, along with Debo Band, who are from the Boston area. Their music looks to Ethopia by way of Japan in “Hiyamikachi Bushi” from their new record coming out in May, “Ere Gobez.” (The tune is an Okinawan song composed in 1948.)  All that, and more.

PROGRAM #3830, Big Bands & Big-Sounding Bands (First Aired 2-12-2016)      

ARTIST: Pierrick Pédron
WORK: Ethiop, excerpt [1:20]
SOURCE: Jazz Village 570097
INFO: jazzvillage.com

ARTIST: Corrie Dick
WORK: Soar [6:32]
RECORDING: Impossible Things
SOURCE: Chaos Collective CC 006CD 
INFO: corriedick.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Jon Crowley
WORK: Other Lives [5:14]
RECORDING: I Walk Amongst The Humans
SOURCE: destinyrecords.bandcamp.com
INFO: Due out March 11, 2016

ARTIST: Eco-Music Big Band
WORK: Stefan Zeniuk: Rag House [8:24]
RECORDING: Colors of Resistance
SOURCE: Eco-Music Big Band, 
INFO: Dist. By Catapult Available at Emusic.com, iTunes.

ARTIST: Pierrick Pédron
WORK: Ethiop [4:11]
SOURCE: Jazz Village 570097
INFO: jazzvillage.com

ARTIST: Debo Band
WORK: Hiyamikachi Bushi [4:29]
SOURCE: For Practically Everyone FPE Records 013
INFO: Due out May 20, 2016 deboband.com

ARTIST: Either Orchestra
WORK: Amlak Abet Abet [10:01]
RECORDING: More Beautiful Than Death
SOURCE: Accurate #3282 
INFO: accuraterecords.com

ARTIST: Mette Henriette
WORK: strangers by midday [2:51]
RECORDING: Trio / Ensemble
SOURCE: ECM Records 2460/2461
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTISTS: Laura Jurd ft. Elliot Galvin, piano; Conor Chaplin, double bass; Corrie Dick, percussion, with The Ligeti Quartet
WORK: The Lady of Bruntal [5:26]
RECORDING: Landing Ground
SOURCE: Chaos Collective
INFO: chaos-collective.com Or soundcloud.com/laurajurd 
Available at amazon.co.uk or Emusic.com