#3809: Electronic and Electronically Enhanced Music

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Preview electronic music made by nonkeen - three childhood friends, Nils Frahm, Frederic Gmeiner, and Sebastian Singwald, who shared a love of rudimentary tape machines back when they were kids. They were actually a band as well, but there was an unlikely accident during one of their shows when they were 15, which put them off of making music. Over a decade later, these friends decided to collectively put that incident behind them and started  getting back together, experimenting in the basement. Sometimes Nils Frahm remembered to hit “record,” and the resulting music comes from the manipulation of these sessions, along with the sampling of their childhood recordings. Hear nonkeen’s bouncey “Chasing God Thru Palmyra,” and see its first-person train engineer perspective in its video:


There’s also music by Paula Matthusen for violin and piano, featuring Todd Reynolds and Yvonne Troxler, over a miniature electronic bed. Also, sample some electric viola music by Martha Mooke, from her brand-new, “No Ordinary Window.” Hear beatless dance music by London-based Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, who weaves together funky synth lines in overlapping repeating rhythms and comes away with something like a techno “Electric Counterpoint.”  Plus, electronic music from Harold Budd and Brian Eno from the classic 1980s record, Ambient #2, the second in a four-part series of what has come to be known as ambient music, and more. 

PROGRAM #3809 Electronic Music (First Aired 12-11-2015)

nonkeen -Chasing God Thru Palmyra, excerpt [1:20]
The gamble

Floating Points - Nespole [5:08]
Luaka Bop 

Oneohtrix Point Never - Freaky Eyes [6:31]
Garden of Delete
Warp Records WARP266

Martha Mooke - Virtual Corridor [7:34]
No Ordinary Window

Harold Budd/Brian Eno - The Plateaux Of Mirror [4:14]
Ambient, Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror
EG Records - #EEGCD 18
Remastered and reissued on Astralwerks.com
Available at Amazon.com

Paula Matthusen: in absentia [4:32]
Todd Reynolds, violin and Yvonne Troxler, piano
Paula Matthusen: Pieces for People
Innova 920

nonkeen -Chasing God Thru Palmyra [6:23]
The gamble

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & Rajasthan Express- Kalandar [8:49]
Nonesuch 552641

nonkeen -Re Turn, excerpt 
The gamble