#3794: New Sounds Live Concerts 2015, Part 2: Multiple Guitars

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Dither Quartet

From the New Sounds Live Concert Series, recorded at Brookfield Place in October of 2015, hear music for guitar multiples. Listen to the thrilling full electric guitar ensemble execution of Steve Reich’s iconic work "Electric Counterpoint," performed by electric guitar quartet Dither, guitarist Mark Stewart, and friends. All thirteen parts were performed live, (not one live, and twelve from backing tracks, as the work is usually done) – in this impressive concert recording from the Winter Garden. Stewart, who has several times over performed this “concerto that swings,” notes that the work needs classical players who can both achieve a groove, and can surf the wave of danger – the danger of messing up in a highly choreographed interlocking repetition of guitar parts.

Then, listen to music from guitarist, composer & teacher, Ben Verdery - his “Ellis Island” for a small orchestra (14) acoustic guitars, plus flute, vocalists and a beatboxer.  Each of the movements are scenes inspired by what Verdery remembers from his very moving experience at the Ellis Island museum. Some of the rhythms come from East India, and are combined with Western harmonies, along with a section of free sound improvisation.

Plus, Dither plays “A,” a multiple movement work by Fred Frith with an eccentric title, “A, from The As Usual Dance Towards The Other Flight to What Is Not.” 

PROGRAM #3794 NS Live, Brookfield Place, Part 2 (First Aired 11-5-2015)





Pat Metheny

Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint

Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint, excerpt

Nonesuch 79176

Dither Quartet

Live, Brookfield Place, Oct. 15, 2015

Fred Frith: A, from The As Usual Dance Towards The Other Flight to What Is Not [6:30]

This performance not commercially available. 
Info at Dither.

Ben Verdery, William Anderson, Pat Bianculli, Steve Bloom, Marco Capelli, Oren Fader, Kevin Gallagher, Paul Hemmings, Koh Kazama, Nadav Lev, Dan Lippel, Jeff Litman, David Moreno, Marc Wolf, and Max Zuckerman | Bonita Lubinsky, flute | Jessica Bowers and Joan Forsyth, vocalists | Mark Martin, beat -boxing

Live, Brookfield Place, Oct. 14, 2015

Ben Verdery: Ellis Island [15:15]

This performance not commercially available. More on Ben Verdery: benjaminverdery.com

Dither Quartet (Taylor Levine, Joshua Lopes, James Moore, & Grey Mcmurray as sub for Gyan Riley) with Mark Stewart, Greg Chudzik, Kevin Gallagher, Stephen Griesgraber, Daniel Lippel, Brendan Randall-Myers, Eleonore Oppenheim, Brett Parnell, Geremy Schulick

Live, Brookfield Place, Oct. 15, 2015

Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint [14:56]

This performance not commercially available. Info at