#3786: "Indie Classical" Works

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Judd Greenstein

Hear music by living composers, many of them based in New York, for this New Sounds show.  There’s music by Judd Greenstein, founder of the Ecstatic Music Festival, and co-founder of  New Amsterdam Records, and co-artistic director of the NOW Ensemble. Listen to Greenstein’s “Change,” for the NOW Ensemble, which also had these delightful visuals by Joshua Frankel to accompany it, from a few years back. Hear music by composer Andy Akiho, whose primary instrument is the steel pan, from his recent release, “No One to Know One.”  There’s also new music by New York-based Angélica Negrón for Janus, a trio of harp, viola & flute, augmented by electronics. Listen to “Twenty Megatons from Above” by Annie Gosfield, performed by Wicked Knee and recorded at an Ecstatic Music Festival show from April 2015. Plus, music by Stephen Sondheim arranged by Andy Akiho for pianist Anthony de Mare, and more. 

PROGRAM #3786 “Indie Classical” (First Aired 10-15-2015)

ARTIST: NOW Ensemble
WORK: Judd Greenstein: Change, excerpt [1:00]
SOURCE: New Amsterdam NWAM0029
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com

ARTIST: Andy Akiho
WORK: Kiiro (Yellow) from Synesthesia Suite[5:10]
RECORDING: No One to Know One
SOURCE: Innova 801
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Janus (trio)
WORK: Angelica Negron: Drawings for Meyoko [7:35]
SOURCE: New Amsterdam NWAM024
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com | janustrio.org   

ARTIST: NOW Ensemble
WORK: Judd Greenstein: Change [13:28]
SOURCE: New Amsterdam NWAM0029
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com

ARTIST: Sevens Project
WORK: She Imagined Imposing Castles, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Sevens Project
SOURCE: Dare to Care Records
INFO: sevensproject.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Wicked Knee Annie Gosfield, keyboard | Billy Martin, percussion | Roger Kleier, electric guitar
WORK: Twenty Megatons from Above [11:52]
RECORDING: Live from the Ecstatic Music Festival, Merkin Hall, April 2015
SOURCE/INFO: This performance not commercially available.

ARTIST: Anthony de Mare
WORK: Sondheim, arr. Andy Akiho: Into the Woods, excerpt [6:25]
RECORDING: Liaisons- Reimagining Sondheim From the Piano
SOURCE: ECM 2470-72
INFO: ecmrecords.com