#3785: Music for Multiple Guitars & Aurelio, Live

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Honduran former Aurelio Martinez plays the bluesy guitar music of the Garifuna people, who comes from Central America's Caribbean coast.

 Hear music for multiple guitars for this New Sounds show. Garifuna songwriter, singer, and guitarist Aurelio joins John Schaefer in the studio to perform works from his most recent release, “Landini.” The Garifuna people of the Caribbean coast of Central America are the descendants of people from West Africa who were to be enslaved in the West Indies. However, the two Spanish ships were shipwrecked in 1635, and never made it to their destination. These West Africans stayed among the indigenous Amerindian group, the Carib people, on the island and together created the Garifuna people. A protégé of Afropop legend Youssou N’Dour, Aurelio brings an innovative streak to songs firmly rooted in this tradition.

Then there’s music from Dither Quartet, a wildly talented electric guitar foursome, based in New York in a work by Fred Frith, the eccentric guitarist/composer/violinist/improviser.  Also, listen to more guitar multiples, in dessert music by the Sap Dream Electric Guitar Quartet, whose members included Rami Vamos, Bryce Dessner, David Nadal, Van Stiefel. Vamos’ work, “Ice Cream” features guitarist Mark Stewart as narrator in this performance, recorded at the old club, Makor.  

PROGRAM #3785 Music for Multiple Guitars (First Aired 10-14-2015)





Dither Quartet

Live from Monkeytown

Fred Frith : "A" from The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight To What is Not [6:26]

Information at ditherquartet.com


Ruben Machtelinckx, Hilmar Jensson, Joachim Badenhorst, Nathan Wouters


McMurdo, excerpt [1:43]

El Negocito Records 027


Live, WNYC, Oct 2015

Landini [3:51]
Sañanaru [4:21]
Nando [2:48]
Nafagua [3:13]

These performances not commercially available. The tracks appear on the 2014 release,“Landini” realworldrecords.com

The Sap Dream Electric Guitar Quartet w/Mark Stewart

Live, Makor, 9/17/02

Rami Vamos: Ice Cream Truck [12:14]

This recording not commercially available. 
There is another piece from the quartet on Soundcloud