#3776: Electronic Music Classics Revisited

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Laurie Spiegel at Bell Labs

Listen to electronic music classics overlooked in recent years for this New Sounds show. Hear music by electronic music pioneer Laurie Spiegel, who developed an algorithmic composition software called Music Mouse.  She used this “intelligent instrument” –Music Mouse was programmed with a built-in knowledge of chord and scale conventions- to both improvise and compose. We’ll hear one of those compositions, “Three Sonic Spaces” from 1989.  Then, there’s also music by Morton Subotnick, inspired by collage artist Max Ernst and Franz Schubert’s Erlkönig (the death of a child set upon by the elf-king/alder king -a supernatural being.)  We’ll hear Subotnick’s “The Key to Songs” (Schubert is quoted on the cello melody) – a piece from the mid-1980’s which hasn’t been “spun” in a long time.  Plus, hear “Alcatraz” by Ingram Marshall, an electronic work based off of field recordings from both the San Francisco bay and from within the walls of the prison itself. Marshall’s suite of pieces was written to accompany  a multimedia installation done with the photographer Jim Bengston, using the famous San Francisco prison island, Alcatraz.

PROGRAM #3776  Electronic Music Classics (First Aired 09-21-2015)

ARTIST: California E.A.R Unit
WORK: Morton Subotnick: The Key to Songs, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Portraits
SOURCE: New Albion NA012 
INFO: Out of print. Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Ingram Marshall
WORK:  Prelude - The Bay [6:22], Introduction [4:51], The Approach [3:41]
SOURCE: New Albion 040 
INFO: Out of print. Reissued on Starkland

ARTIST: California E.A.R Unit / Morton Subotnick
WORK: Morton Subotnick: The Key to Songs [22:46]
RECORDING: Portraits
SOURCE: New Albion NA012 
INFO: Out of print. Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Laurie Spiegel
WORK: Three Sonic Spaces I [1:36], Three Sonic Spaces II [3:22], Three Sonic Spaces III [5:51]
RECORDING: Unseen Worlds
SOURCE: Scarlet Records
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