#3761: Moorish Music and its Influence

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Hamza El Din

In 711 the Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Moors and named Al-Andalus, to create a culture with a blend of Spanish and Muslim influences. Tonight on New Sounds, hear this Medieval Moorish music, as well as contemporary music inspired by it. Start with the Jadid Ensemble, who blends Spanish and flamenco guitar with Turkish and Indian inspired music. Also hear the Danish lute player Rolf Lislevand play Italian music from the 17th Century, Hamza El Din play a famous Mwashah called “Lamma Bada,” and Amir Elsaffar’s music about the Middle East, inspired by the Moorish tradition. Plus, live recordings of both Mark Kyrkostas and Orchestra Tetouan in the New Sounds studio, and more!

 PROGRAM #3761, Moorish music and its influence (First Aired 8-10-2015)           





Camarata Mediterranea Cantigas de Santa Maria Candiga 100 (excerpt) [1:25] bostoncamerata.org
Jadid Ensemble Sigh of the Moor Ilm [6:07] jadidensemble.com
Rolf Lislevand Nuove Musiche Passacaglia Andaluz [2:11] ECM 1922
ecmrecords.com or Amazon.com
Mark Kyrkostas New Sounds Live Recording Two Mwashahat [4:39] Not commercially available
Hamza El Din Eclipse Mwashah (Lamma Bada)
Rykodisc #10103
Available at Amazon.com 
Amir Elsaffar Crisis Love Poem [7:00] amirelsaffar.com
Carlos Lomas From Malaga to Cairo From Malaga to Cairo [5:23] carloslomas.com
Al-Andalus 21 Strings Afgano [4:00] andalus.com
Orchestra Tetouan  New Sounds Live Recording Hijas al Kabeer [7:05] Not commercially available.