#3759: Wind and Water

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Listen to music made by wind and/or water on this New Sounds.  There’s music by the Bay-Area based electro-acoustic duo Dirtwire, and a song constructed entirely of  breath moving across bottles. Then, listen to music for waterphone, an instrument invented by Richard Waters, which looks vaguely like a drum-shaped thing with bars and is played with a bow.  Hear “Eclipse for the Moon” by the Robert Minden Ensemble, featuring waterphone, no electronics, samplers, or synthesizers.

Then, hear music created by blowing into glass bottles, by pouring water through a glass tube, or by playing glasses with different amounts of water in them to change the pitch.  Hear music from Brazilian instrument-building team Uakti, a work by Daniel Lentz for wine glasses, and something by Miguel Frasconi, the co-founder of the Glass Orchestra, and more.

PROGRAM #3759 Music for Wind & Water (First Aired 8-4-2015)

ARTIST: Fripp & Eno
WORK: Wind on Water, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: The Essential Fripp & Eno
SOURCE: Caroline #1886
INFO: Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Dirtwire
WORK: Bottles [2:39]
RECORDING: The Carrier
SOURCE/INFO: dirtwiremusic.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: The 13th Tribe
WORK: Dream Hunters [10:00]
RECORDING: Ping-pong Anthropology
SOURCE: Review Records Rere 174cd 
INFO: Out of print, but try squidco.com

ARTIST: Miguel Frasconi
WORK: Galapagos Gamelan [3:06]
RECORDING: Song + Distance
SOURCE: New Albion 111
INFO: Out of print, but available at Amazon.com 

ARTIST: Robert Minden Ensemble
WORK: Eclipse of the Moon [6:22]
RECORDING: Long Journey Home
SOURCE/INFO: cdbaby.com/cd/mindenens

WORK: A Lenda, excerpt [13:06]
SOURCE: Point Music 432 965 
INFO: Out of print, but try iTunes or Amazon.com

ARTIST: Daniel Lentz
WORK: Lascaux [9:18]
RECORDING: On the leopard altar
SOURCE: Cold Blue CB0022
INFO: coldbluemusic.com