#3753: Guitar Music, Mostly

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For this edition of New Sounds, listen to music for the guitar, rooted in the sounds of American folk music or jazz. Hear music from Meg Baird, formerly of Philly-based Psych-folk band Espers. On her latest release, a solo record called “Don’t Weigh Down the Light,” delicate, shimmery, gauzy guitars frame Meg’s voice.

Then, hear music from the gifted English guitarist James Blackshaw, along with music from San Francisco-based Sean Smith, a modern composer of "guitar folketry [instrumental poetry.]" Smith is also the producer and curator of both the original Berkeley Guitar collection, as well as Beyond Berkeley Guitar, (Tompkins Square.) Plus, there's acoustic jazz guitar music from John McLaughlin, including his "solo" renderings of Mingus' "Good-Bye Pork-Pie Hat," and Bill Evans and Miles Davis' "Blue in Green," from a classic 1971 release, and more.  

PROGRAM #3753– Guitar Music (First aired on 07/20/2015)       

ARTIST: Charles Mingus
WORK: Myself When I am Real, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Mingus Plays Piano
SOURCE: MCA 783 / Impulse! #217
INFO: Available at Amazon.com      

ARTIST: Various Artists: Sean Smith
WORK: Ourselves When We Are Real [11:24]
RECORDING: Beyond Berkeley Guitar
SOURCE: Tompkins Square - #TSQ 2394
INFO: tompkinssquare.com

ARTIST: (Mahavishnu) John McLaughlin
WORK: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Mingus) [3:13],  Blue in Green (Davis/Evans) [2:38]
RECORDING: My Goal’s Beyond
SOURCE: Rykodisc #10051
INFO: Reissued as Douglas / Wienerworld - #WNRCD 5051, available at Amazon.com 

ARTIST: Meg Baird
WORK: I Don’t Mind [6:13]
RECORDING: Don't Weigh Down The Light
SOURCE: Drag City 632
INFO: dragcity.com

ARTIST: James Blackshaw
WORK: Cross [8:36]
RECORDING: The Glass Bead Game
SOURCE: Young God Records YG40
INFO: younggodrecords.com

ARTIST: The Baird Sisters
WORK: Looking At Things Up Close [2:46]
RECORDING: Until You Find Your Green
SOURCE/INFO:  thebairdsisters.com

ARTIST: Steve Tibbetts
WORK: Big Idea [5:13]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Meg Baird-Helena Espvall-Sharron Kraus
WORK: Bruton Town [5:39]
RECORDING: Leaves from off the tree
SOURCE: Bo’Weavil Recordings weevil 16CD
INFO: boweavilrecordings.com