#3731: Next Wave of British Folk

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 For this New Sounds, listen to musicians from British Isles take new approaches to the old songs, along with brand new folk-steeped compositions. Hear music by the folk band Lau, (a word that means "natural light” in Orcadian), who are from both Scotland and England. Listen to their “The Bell That Never Rang,” which is a slow-burning suite of epic and gorgeous heights, inspired by an image from Glasgow's coat of arms. Composed by Lau in collaboration with string experimenters the Elysian Quartet, the work – also the title track of their latest record - was commissioned for the UK's first New Music Biennial. (This track is highly recommended if you've enjoyed The Gloaming.)

Lau band

Also, listen to music from the Unthanks, a fluid ever-expanding folk-rooted quintet co-fronted by the two sisters, Rachel and Becky Unthank (who grew up in a village on the south bank of the Tyne called Ryton, in the borough of Gateshead, just next to the border with Northumberland.) Their most recent record includes a sprawling title track, “Mount the Air” which draws heavily from Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain. Then, hear songs of love gone wrong in another tune from the Unthanks and new music from London-based Olivia Chaney. Chaney is a singer, pianist, guitarist, harmonium player, and songwriter whose music is rooted in folk, but well-informed by her background in classical early music, jazz, and performances with pop groups. Plus, hear new music from Bristol-based band Spiro, dramatic new music from Sam Lee’s “The Fade in Time,” and more.

PROGRAM #3731–the next wave of British folk (First aired on 05/27/2015)          

ARTIST: Fairport Convention
WORK: Matty Groves, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Liege and Lief
SOURCE: A&M #SP-4257
INFO: Reissued on CD in 1990; available for purchase at Amazon.com

WORK: First Homecoming [4:39]
RECORDING: The Bell That Never Rang
SOURCE: Reveal Records
INFO: laumusic.bigcartel.com

WORK: The Vapourer [4:42]
RECORDING: Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow
SOURCE/INFO: realworldrecords.com

ARTIST: Olivia Chaney
WORK: False Bride [4:02]
RECORDING: The Longest River
SOURCE: Nonesuch Records 541711
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: The Unthanks
WORK: Madam [4:56]
RECORDING: Mount the Air
SOURCE/INFO: the-unthanks.com

ARTIST: Lau & Elysian Quartet
WORK: The Bell That Never Rang [17:01]
RECORDING: The Bell That Never Rang
SOURCE: Reveal Records
INFO: laumusic.bigcartel.com

ARTIST: Sam Lee & Friends
WORK: Bonny Bunch of Roses [4:11]
RECORDING: The Fade in Time
SOURCE: The Nest Collective Records TNCR 003
INFO: samleesong.co.uk

ARTIST: The Unthanks
WORK: Mount the Air, excerpt [6:50]
RECORDING: Mount the Air
SOURCE/INFO: the-unthanks.com