#3719: New Music from Ireland Part 5

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New Sounds presents a whole week of programs surveying the Irish new music landscape to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland on Sunday, April 24.

 In this fifth installment of the series, John Schaefer talks to composer Linda Buckley, who is currently based in Dublin. Hear Buckley's diverse range of music, including glitch electronica, a lush soundscape based on 12th century chant, immersive electronic worlds, and works for cello, for orchestra, and for Javanese gamelan. Learn about her musical influences, dairy farm upbringing, and the way she composes.

PROGRAM #3719 New Music From Ireland Part 5 (First aired on 4/27/2015)  

ARTIST: Various Artists
WORK: Linda Buckley: Error Messages [3:39]
RECORDING: On the Nature of Electricity and Acoustics
SOURCE: Heresy 010
INFO: heresyrecords.com

ARTIST: The Ergodos Musicians
WORK: Linda Buckley: Revelavit [9:52]
RECORDING: All the ends of the earth
SOURCE: Ergodos
INFO: ergodos.ie/shop

ARTIST: Linda Buckley
WORK: Immersia I [7:25]
SOURCE: Ergodos
INFO: ergodos.ie/shop

ARTIST: BBC Orchestra
WORK: Linda Buckley: chiyo [9:54]
RECORDING: new music::new Ireland
SOURCE: Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland
INFO: cmc.ie

ARTIST: Gamelan Sekar Petak
WORK: Linda Buckley: Eriu for Javanese Gamelan, excerpt [1:59]
RECORDING: Soundcloud

ARTIST: Kate Ellis
WORK: Linda Buckley: Jump [11:34]
SOURCE: shop.diatribe.ie

ARTIST: Linda Buckley
WORK: Seek, excerpt [1:17]
RECORDING: Soundcloud