#3703: Rewriting the Classics

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"Michael Gordon: Dystopia"

Listen to music based on or inspired by classic works of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and J.S. Bach for this New Sounds. Finally, Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon’s rewrite of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony is commercially available on a new release from Cantaloupe Music, “Dystopia,” from a live recording done at Beethovenfest Bonn. We’ll hear two of its four deconstructed movements. Also, there’s a mass by Palestrina done Bulgarian-style and Mozart done Egyptian-style. Then, listen to Olafur Arnalds doing a rewrite of a Chopin Nocturne. Plus hear J.S. Bach done up as both West African Style, and as a mix of Middle Eastern musical traditions together with Jazz improvisations, and more.

PROGRAM #3703– Rewriting the Classics (First aired on 03/03/2015)             

ARTIST: Chad Lawson
WORK: Chopin nocturne in F minor, excerpt [1:20]
RECORDING: The Chopin Variations
SOURCE: Hillset Records 
INFO: chadlawson.com/#music

ARTIST: Ólafur Arnalds, Alice Sara Ott
WORK: Eyes Shut – Nocturne in c minor [6:41]
RECORDING: The Chopin Project
SOURCE: Mercury Classics 0289 481 1486
INFO: deutschegrammophon.com

ARTIST: Ivan Lantos, Bulgarica Trio + 1 (Bulgarka Jr)
WORK: Kyrie eleison I [1:33]
RECORDING: Palestrina Missa Primi Toni
SOURCE: Celluloid / Ballon Noir/Lambarena 66951 
INFO: Out of print, but see ivanlantos.com for info. Also, try Amazon.fr

ARTIST: Lambarena (Hughes de Courson et al)
WORK: Sankanda [5:07]
RECORDING: Bach to Africa (Hommage an Albert Schweitzer)
SOURCE: Sony Classical #64532
INFO: Out of print. Try Amazon.fr  

ARTIST: Hugues de Courson et al
WORK: Yaman Hawa + Thamos Roi D'Égypte [4:49]
RECORDING: Mozart L'Egyptien
SOURCE: Virgin #71727
INFO: Out of print. Try Amazon.com or musique.fnac.com

ARTIST: Michael Nyman Band
WORK: In Re Don Giovanni [2:38]
RECORDING: Mozart 252
SOURCE: Michael Nyman MNRCD113 
INFO: mnrecords.com

ARTIST: Bamberger Symphoniker | Jonathan Nott, conductor
WORK: Michael Gordon: ReWriting Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, parts 1 & 2 [13:31]
RECORDING: Michael Gordon: Dystopia
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music #CA 21105 
INFO: bangonacan.org

ARTIST: Ensemble Sarband, Fadia El-Hage
WORK: Bach: Konnen Tranen meiner Wangen nichts erlangen [10:34]
RECORDING: The Arabian Passion According to J.S. Bach
SOURCE/INFO: sarband.de