#3698: Unusual Waltzes and Tangos

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Most think of tango as a sultry dance form, usually practiced in films between two impossibly good-looking human beings with a rose clenched in the teeth.

From Korean komungo music to Philip Glass to Australian band Topology, hear an hour of unusual waltzes - that genteel dance in threes- and the tango, once risqué. Hear music from Australian composer Robert Davidson and a setting of vocal clips from Whitlam’s Dismissal. Also, listen to music by Philip Glass from an album of waltzes, “The Waltz Project” along with music by Michael Nyman. Then, there’s music from Yugoslav composer and musician Goran Bregovic from the Emir Kusturica film, “Underground,” along with music from the Parisian band, The Gotan Project. Plus a tango for Korean komungo (geomungo), and more.

PROGRAM #3698– Unusual Waltzes and Tangos (First aired on 02/19/2015)         

ARTIST: Michael Nyman Band
WORK: Michael Nyman: Wedding Tango, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Mozart 252
SOURCE: Michael Nyman MNRCD113 
INFO:     mnrecords.com

ARTIST: Topology
WORK: Robert Davidson : The Whitlam Dismissal: Keating and Kerr [4:31]
RECORDING: Big Decisions
SOURCE: Serrated Records 281008
INFO: Available at cdbaby.com or download from Emusic.com

ARTIST: Jocelyn Pook Ensemble
WORK: Tango With Corrugated Iron [5:20]
RECORDING: New Sounds Live, World Financial Center Winter Garden, 11/3/99
SOURCE: Not commercially available. 
INFO: jocelynpook.com

ARTIST: Michael Nyman Band
WORK: Michael Nyman: Wedding Tango [4:46]
RECORDING: Mozart 252
SOURCE: Michael Nyman MNRCD113 
INFO:     mnrecords.com

ARTIST: The Tango Project
WORK: White Rabbit
RECORDING: White Rabbit [4:26]
SOURCE: Newport Classic #85536 
INFO: Out of print. Info: billschimmel.com

ARTIST: Musci & Venosta
WORK: Technowaltz [4:10]
RECORDING: Messages and Portraits
INFO: distr. www.rermegacorp.com

ARTIST: Gotan Project
WORK: Tango Cancion [4:21]
SOURCE: XL Recordings #195
INFO: Available at yabasta-info.com/shop

ARTIST: Alan Feinberg
WORK: Philip Glass: Modern Love Waltz [2:58]
RECORDING: The Waltz Project
SOURCE: Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch Records D-79011
INFO: Only available on LP format. OUT OF PRINT. Try auction sites. 

ARTIST: Goran Bregovic
WORK: Underground Tango (for the Kusturica film) [5:13]
SOURCE:  Polygram / Mercury - #5583502
INFO: Try  Amazon.com or Emusic.com

ARTIST: Robin Holcomb
WORK: Waltz [4:17]
RECORDING: Robin Holcomb
SOURCE: Elektra / Nonesuch #60983
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Geomungo Factory
WORK: Geomungo & Tango 3 [3:39]
RECORDING: Metamorphosis
SOURCE: Synnara / Dada Media
INFO: cdbaby.com