Morris County, New Jersey

Your Anecdotal Census: A People's History of the New York City Area 2000-2010

Tell us about change that matters in your community. Here are some possible questions to answer. Add your story to the comments below!

How is your community different today than it was 10 years ago?

Who's moving in and who's moving out? 

How has the housing boom/housing bust changed your community?

How have the politics of your community changed? If power has shifted in your community, how and why?

How has 9/11 changed your community? 

Do you have a story about change in your own life over the last decade that you think represents a larger trend?

What's an untold story of change in your community that needs to be told? 

By The Numbers:

What story do you think this data tells? Do you think the data reflects what's really going on in your community?

Morris County, NJ
Total Population 407,630 421,353 470,212 488,518
Median Household Income (2008 adjusted dollars) $79,100 $97,700 $99,900 $99,268
% Foreign Born 8.1% 10.55% 15.45% 19.0%
% Under 18 Years Old 28.3% 22.9%

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