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Transgender Controversy at Tribeca Film Fest

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The Tribeca Film Festival lists the film Ticked Off Trannies With Knives as a "revenge fantasy flick that brews up a concoction of camp, slasher horror, and power-chick flick to create a radical new genre: Transploitation!"

The film's director Israel Luna stated he intended the film to be empowering, members of New York's transgender community, along with GLAAD, certainly don't think so. They asked the film festival to pull the film from its lineup.  Listen to WNYC's Janaya Williams report on the debate.

Critics have compared it to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. The plot poses five transgender women in lead roles seeking a gruesome revenge on their attackers. On opening night of the festival, members of MAGNET (Media Advocates Gaining National Equality for Trans people) held an "educational rally" criticizing the film's depictions of transgender women.

Here's a clip from the controversial film:

Another film in the festival features a junior-high hermaphrodite named Spork - who, while subjected to constant teasing by a gaggle of mean girls, finds support in a network of fellow outcasts. Here's a clip of writer/director J.B. Ghuman, Jr.

The film Elvis & Madona tells the tail of a drag performer and a lesbian photographer living in Rio De Janeiro. The director of the film, Marcelo Laffitte, states the film "presents itself as a film born from those moments of identity, affirmation, and understanding of differences."