Gig Alerts: Abigail Washburn & the Shanghai Restoration Project

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Abigail Washburn & the Shanghai Restoration Project
Playing at: NYU Palladium Residence Hall
(140 E. 14th St., East Village)
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Banjo player Abigail Washburn's love of the Americana sound is perhaps only rivaled by her interest in Chinese culture. Before Washburn was heading up the old-timey Sparrow Quartet, she spent her college days majoring in East Asian studies and lived in China for a time. Following the 2008 earthquake in the country's Sichuan province, Washburn volunteered in relief efforts in the region. The experience inspired her to team up with David Liang of the electronic group the Shanghai Restoration Project to produce the benefit EP Afterquake, which features the voices of students from the earthquake zone. This track fleshes out a folk song of the Sichuan region into a modern electronic tune.

Download Abigail Washburn & the Shanghai Restoration Project's Afterquake at