#3638: Psychedelic World Music

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Listen to world music that veers into psychedelic territory on this New Sounds, with Native-American inspired percussive drone music and Afrobeat from Brazil in music by Bixiga 70. Hear a mix of Afro-Ethiopian rock and jazz from the Brazilian band, Bixiga70, whose name is clearly a nod to the Afrobeat pioneered by Fela Kuti and drummer Tony Allen (with whom Mauricio Fleury from the band studied.) This brass-heavy sound bounces through boundaries to harvest textures of Guinean and Malian mandingo from Guinea and Mali, soukous from the Congo and ethio-jazz. Also, there’s music from a Chinese string band, Red Chamber, and their pipa, zheng, zhongruan, among other Chinese lutes and zithers. On this tune,"Ah Ya Zein," they accompany oud player Gordon Grdina, and are augmented by all kinds of percussion from other traditions.

Then, hear “tribal folkadelia” from Flamingods, with musicians based in London & Bahrain, and operatic trance music from Toronto-based artist, Alexandra Mackenzie, who records under the moniker Petra Glynt. Also, listen to a song from Nathan Bowles, a pounding tribute in percussive drone to the dwindling population of the Nansemond tribe who were part of the Powhatan confederacy in Virginia. Plus, explosive music from the Belgian brass klezmer punk band Kermesz a l'est, and more.

PROGRAM #3638, Psychedelic World Music (First aired on 9/17/2014)  

Artist: Flamingods
Title: Vimana, excerpt [1:00]
Recording: Hyperborea
Source:SHAPE 027
shaperecords.co.uk / shaperecords.bandcamp.com

Artist: Red Chamber
Title: Ah Ya Zein [7:40]
Recording: Gathering
Source/Info: www.asza.com

Artist: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart)
Title: Amanem [8:54]
Recording: Mo7it Al-Mo7it
Source: Constellation Records CST093 / cstrecords.com
Info: Included as part of www.musicworks.ca, Summer 2014 Sampler 

Artist: Kermesz a l'est
Title: Zumkind [6:02]
Recording: Kermesz a l'est (2014)
Source/Info: kermeszalest.com

Artist: Flamingods
Title: Vimana, excerpt [2:32]
Recording: Hyperborea
Source:SHAPE 027
shaperecords.co.uk / shaperecords.bandcamp.com

Artist: Petra Glynt
Title: Of This Land [3:12]
Recording: Musicworks Summer 2014
Source: petraglynt.bandcamp.com

Artist: Nathan Bowles
Title: The Smoke Swallower [2:38]
Recording: Nansemond
Source: Paradise of Bachelors 016 / paradiseofbachelors.com

Artist: FatDog
Title: Halling Etter Sjur Eldegard, excerpt [1:00]
Recording: New Found Land
Source: Riverboat Records 1087 / worldmusic.net

Artist: Kronos Quartet
Title: Tashweesh [3:24]
Recording: Floodplain
Source: Nonesuch 518349 / nonesuch.com

Artist: Bixiga 70
Title: 5 Esquinas [4:31]
Recording: Ocupai
Source: maisumdiscos.com / maisumdiscos.bandcamp.com

Artist: Angeli Drake
Title: Spargiani [6:00]
Recording: Deghe
Source/Info: Available at Amazon.com or Emusic.com