#3636: New Music for Trombone

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Hear the trombone, sometimes by itself, sometimes in a world music setting, sometimes with electronics, and for a mass of 77 trombones, for this New Sounds show.  There's music from a recent record, "The Incredible Honk" by the exceptional trombonist/composer octogenarian Roswell Rudd, with many notable collaborations. Listen to Roswell Rudd together with the Cajun legends Michael Doucet & Beausoleil, featuring singer Emily Haines (Metric),  as well as a work with Malian maestro Bassekou Kouyate, and several Malian musicians.

Hear music from the Danish trombone wizard Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, from a record for trombone and electronics. Also, from the "Cistern Chapel", listen to music recorded in a water tank close to Seattle, by Stuart Dempster and his trombone students.  The place has a natural reverberation of 45 seconds. Together with conches, dijderidu, and Tibetan cymbals, these amassed nine trombones create unique drone-driven soundscapes. Plus, listen to the "Mass for Massed Trombones" -77 of them- by Wendy Mae Chambers, and more.

PROGRAM #3636, New Music for Trombones (First aired on 9/12/2014)  

Roswell Rudd, feat. Bassekou Kouyate - Ngoni Vortex [4:20]
The Incredible Honk
Sunnyside SSC 1279

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen - Smoke by Day, Glow by Night [14:09]
Trombone & Electronics
OR download from Emusic, iTunes, or Amazon.com

Roswell Rudd, feat. Beausoleil, Emily Haines - 
C'etait Dans la Nuit [5:07]

The Incredible Honk
Sunnyside SSC 1279

Stuart Dempster - Secret Currents [9:46]
Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel
New Albion #76
Out of print. 
Download from Emusic.com, iTunes, or 
Amazon.com (they will also manufacture a CDR)

Wendy Mae Chambers - Introit [9:35]
A Mass For Massed Trombones
Centaur #2263 
OR info at wendymae.com

trom-bown (Miles Anderson & Erica Sharp)
Martin Wesley-Smith: White Knight And Beaver, excerpt [8:39]