Richmond County (Staten Island), New York

Your Anecdotal Census: A People's History of the New York City Area 2000-2010

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Dante's Take

As part of the Patchwork Nation project, Dante Chinni has been exploring demographic trends around the country. He tells us what to watch for in Richmond County...

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By The Numbers:

What story do you think this data tells? Do you think the data reflects what's really going on in your community?

Richmond County (Staten Island), New York 1980 1990 2000 2008/2009
Total Population 352,121 378,977 443,729 491,730
Median Household Income (2008 adjusted dollars) $63,000 $76,200 $71,100 $72,557
% Foreign Born 9.8% 11.8% 16.4% 21.0%
% Under 18 Years Old 29.1% 24.8% 25.5% 23.4%


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