#3632: Small Ensembles, Big Sounds

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James Blackshaw

Listen to small ensembles (septets or smaller) with a big sound for this New Sounds show. Hear music from a film score for a comedy featuring small ensemble music by English guitarist/pianist/composer James Blackshaw. The noirish score includes bowed guitar and bass, violin, vibraphone, flute, drums and electronics, and draws from Brazilian guitar music, musique concrete, and French impressionist composers.

There’s also recent  music from the New York group, Bing & Ruth, with two clarinets, two basses, a cello, piano and processing, and their piece, “Police Police Police Police Police.” Listen to orchestrated jazz-pop music from a double album, “In the Ivory” by Chicago-based bassist/composer Matt Ulery, featuring the chamber group eighth blackbird. Then, hear garage-chamber jazz-tronica from the New York septet The Cellar and Point, featuring members of the Jack Quartet, Mivos Quartet, TRANSIT, and Signal Ensemble. Plus new music from The Bad Plus, and their record, “Inevitable Western,” and more.

PROGRAM #3632 Small Ensembles, Big Sounds (First aired on 9/03/2014)  

ARTIST:James Blackshaw
WORK: Part 1, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat
SOURCE: Tompkins Square Records 5012 
INFO: tompkinssquare.com

ARTIST: The Cellar and Point
WORK: Purple Octagon [6:46]
SOURCE: Cuneiform Records RUNE 376
INFO: cuneiformrecords.com

ARTIST: The Bad Plus
WORK: Gold Prisms Incorporated [6:28]
RECORDING: Inevitable Western
SOURCE: Okeh 88843 02406 2
INFO: thebadplus.com | okeh-records.com

WORK: How Shall the Dust Storm Start? [6:51]
RECORDING: Similarity
SOURCE/INFO: eyotmusic.net | ninetyandninerecords.com

ARTIST: Matt Ulery
WORK: Gave Proof [5:24]
RECORDING: In the Ivory
SOURCE: Greenleaf Music GRE-CD-1039
INFO: mattulery.com | greenleafmusic.com

ARTIST: Bing & Ruth
WORK: Police Police Police Police Police [6:04]
RECORDING: Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
INFO: igetrvng.com

ARTIST: James Blackshaw
WORK: Part 2, [4:39], Part 3 [8:24]
RECORDING: Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat
SOURCE: Tompkins Square Records 5012 
INFO: tompkinssquare.com