#3620: Electric Guitarist/Composers

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Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller

For this New Sounds, dig into a wide variety of sounds, all coming from electric guitarist/composers, like the ambient electronic texture of Noveller to the pulsing minimalist shimmer of Empyrean Atlas. Guitarist and composer Sarah Lipstate uses lots of looping devices and records under the name, Noveller. Listen to her “Glacial Wave” and “Almost All Right” built only around the sound of electric guitar, looped together to create sonic landscapes.   Then, hear music by Brooklyn-based composer and instrumentalist David Crowell, who uses guitars, and saxophone textures to create motoric minimalist creations, with the band Empyrean Atlas.

There’s also music from Land Observations, aka James Brooks, which was made with an electric six-string guitar and an array of vintage recording equipment, and recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps. Listen to his work, "On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent." Plus, hear music by Toronto-based Matthew Ramolo who records, guitar-based music as KHÔRA which uses acoustic and electronic instruments to create longform soundscapes.

PROGRAM #3620  (First aired on 7/21/2014)  

ARTIST: Noveller
WORK:Almost Alright,excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Desert Fires
SOURCE: Saffron Records 001
INFO: saffronrecordings.com | sarahlipstate.com

ARTIST: Empyrean Atlas
WORK: Redwood [5:12]
RECORDING: Empyrean Atlas
SOURCE/INFO: empyreanatlas.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Land Observations
WORK: On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent [4:59]
RECORDING: The Grand Tour
SOURCE: Mute Records 
INFO: mute.com

ARTIST: Empyrean Atlas
WORK: Green Arrow [3:42]
RECORDING: Empyrean Atlas
SOURCE/INFO: empyreanatlas.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Noveller
WORK:Glacial Wave [5:53]
RECORDING: Glacial Glow
SOURCE: Saffron Records 002
INFO: saffronrecordings.com | weirdforest.com

WORK: Hushed Pulse Of The Universe [8:34]
RECORDING: Silent Your Body Is Endless
SOURCE: Constellation Records CST071 
INFO: cstrecords.com

ARTIST: Noveller
WORK: Almost Alright [6:09]
RECORDING: Desert Fires
SOURCE: Saffron Records 001
INFO: saffronrecordings.com | sarahlipstate.com

ARTIST: Bill Frisell
WORK: Boubacar [6:15]
RECORDING: The Intercontinentals
SOURCE: Nonesuch #79661
INFO: nonesuch.com or Amazon.com

ARTIST: Kaki King
WORK: Montreal [4:27]
RECORDING: Dreaming of Revenge
SOURCE: Velour Music VEL0804
INFO: kakiking.bandcamp.com