#3619: Non-Classical Music

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Shara Worden in her Detroit home's garden

For this New Sounds, listen to some non-classical music from classically-trained musicians, including an acoustic music quartet that is neither classical nor jazz - The 442s, comprised of members of the St. Louis Symphony, and jazz musicians. There’s also music from Shara Worden, who records as My Brightest Diamond, from her EP "None More Than You," scored for vocals, brass and percussion – something that can be performed with say – a marching band! Then, hear music by Andrew McKenna Lee with members of the Knells, some very cinematic work by the French-born London-based Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, and more music from the L.A.-based collective, wild Up. Plus, something from electronic musician/ sound designer/ producer/ programmer Michael Hammond, aka No Lands, as well as a tune from cellist Erik Friedlander. And more.

PROGRAM #3619  Non-classical Music from Classically-Trained Musicians (First aired on 7/17/2014)  

ARTIST:The 442s
WORK: The Multitude, excerpt [1:00]
SOURCE: The442s.com
INFO: the442s.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: My Brightest Diamond
WORK: Dreams Don't Look Alike [4:42]
RECORDING: None More Than You EP
SOURCE: Asthmatic Kitty AKR 343
INFO: asthmatickitty.com

WORK: Archie Carey: Bird of Paradise in Paradise [6:09]
RECORDING: Feather & Stone
SOURCE:Populist Records 
INFO: populistrecords.bandcamp.com | wildup.la

WORK: The Seed Splits [8:04]
SOURCE/INFO: soundcloud.com/ebeoke

ARTIST: Members of The Knells
WORK: Andrew McKenna Lee: Thread and Fray [8:00]
RECORDING: Live from Robert Miller Gallery, May 2 2014
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: “Thread” and “Fray” both appear on The Knells & Mivos Quartet record, out on New Amsterdam Records , #51 newamrecords.com

ARTIST: No Lands
WORK: Pretender [4:18]
RECORDING: Negative Space
SOURCE: New Amsterdam #57
INFO: newamrecords.com

ARTIST: Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
WORK: Tulsi [3:45]
RECORDING: FatCat Records demo
SOURCE/INFO: Download from soundcloud.com

ARTIST:The 442s
WORK: The Multitude [4:52]
SOURCE: The442s.com
INFO: the442s.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Erik Friedlander & The Bonebridge Band
WORK: Hopper’s Blue House, excerpt
RECORDING: Nighthawks
SOURCE: Skipstone Records
INFO: cdbaby.com OR music.erikfriedlander.com