#3618: Human/Avian Collaborations

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Listen to a program full of music that actually employs birdsongs, in all sorts of human-avian collaborations. (With the exception of a human chorus and a chorus imitating the sound of birds on Eric Whitacre’s “Little Birds,” that is.) Hear a big band post-jazz, post-minimalist work by John Hollenbeck, featuring the voice of Theo Bleckmann, and birds. Then, there’s the concerto for orchestra and birds on tape, “Cantus Arcticus” by the Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara. Plus, hear music from producer Chris Hughes, his “Slow Motion Blackbird,” and music by trumpeter/composer/sound artist Chris Kallmyer for the Los Angeles-based new music ensemble wild Up, and more.

PROGRAM #3618   Human/Avian Collaborations (First aired on 7/16/2014) 

ARTIST: Eric Whitacre
WORK: Little Birds (text by Octavio Paz) [3:17]
RECORDING: Brigham Young University Choirs and Eric Whitacre 2
SOURCE/INFO:  byumusicstore.com

ARTIST: John Hollenbeck & Jazz Big Band Graz, feat. Theo Bleckmann
WORK: The Bird With The Coppery, Keen Claws (text by Wallace Stevens) [6:08]
RECORDING: Joys & Desires
SOURCE: Intuition #33862 
INFO: intuition-music.com

ARTIST: wild Up
WORK: Chris Kallmyer: This Nest, swift passarene [6:58]
RECORDING: Feather & Stone
SOURCE: Populist Records
INFO: wildup.la

ARTIST: Leif Segerstam, conductor; Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
WORK: Einojuhani Rautavaara : Concerto for Birds and Orchestra, "Cantus Arcticus" [19:19]
RECORDING: Concerto for Birds and Orchestra, "Cantus Arcticus"
SOURCE: Ondine 1079
INFO: ondine.net

ARTIST: Chris Hughes
WORK: Slow Motion Blackbird [5:47]
SOURCE: Reissue of Helium Records HeCD002 on Decca #: 001562402  
INFO: Available as an import via Amazon.com

ARTIST: Brian Eno
WORK: Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) [5:24]
RECORDING: Ambient 4: On Land
SOURCE: E.G. # 20
INFO: Reissued by Astralwerks Available at Amazon.com