Gig Alerts: Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow)

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"Fresh Hex" (feat. Beck)
Playing SATURDAY at: Knitting Factory
(361 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg)
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Needing an outlet for the darker side of his psychedelic musical musings, Tom Fec, otherwise known as Tobacco, the frontman for Black Moth Super Rainbow, released his solo debut in 2008. On May 25, Fec will drop Maniac Meat, his second release as Tobacco, and this album sees him teaming up with Beck on a few tracks. "Fresh Hex" is a beat-laden freak out featuring Beck's signature nonsense rap, only his words have been chopped up into unintelligible splinters of rhyme. The result is a beautifully mangled otherworldly take on hip-hop. Obviously these two should work together more.

Download Tobacco's Maniac Meat at