#3610: Music From the 7 Celtic Nations

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The Gloaming will perform at The Greene Space for a special New Sounds live show.

Listen to music from the seven Celtic nations on this New Sounds; Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France (Brittany), England (Cornwall), Isle of Man and Spain (Galicia). To start, there’s music by ex-rocker and composer/guitarist Dave Flynn from Ireland, featuring violinist Ioana Petcu-Colan, together with fiddler Martin Hayes, and guitarist Dennis Cahill. Hayes and Cahill are also part of the Irish-American supergroup, the Gloaming. We’ll hear a tune from the Gloaming that’s nearly 300 years old and was written for the Gaelic festival known as Bealtaine, a holiday that marks the beginning of summer,  “Samhradh Samhradh.”  Also, hear music from the Gloaming's lead singer, Iarla Ó Lionáird, from his record "Foxlight."  

Then, listen to a traditional Welsh folksong from the group 9Bach, who are based in northern Wales around singer & keyboardist Lisa Jen and guitarist Martin Hoyland.  There’s also music from Brittany, France, by composer Yann Tiersen, from his record “Infinity,” spoken in Breton and mixing in gamelan and electronics.  Plus, a live performance of music from the Scottish band, Mouth Music from 1991. And more.

PROGRAM #3610 Music From the 7 Celtic Countries (First aired on 6/12/2014)  

ARTIST: Martin Hayes, fiddle Dennis Cahill, guitar w/ Ioana Petcu-Colan, violin
WORK: David Flynn: Music for the Departed, excerpt [5:24]
RECORDING: Compositions, Private CDR
SOURCE: the tune has been arranged for guitar and released on “Dave Flynn - Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar”
INFO: cmc.ie OR cdbaby.com

ARTIST: The Gloaming
WORK: Samhradh Samhradh [5:54]
RECORDING: The Gloaming
SOURCE: Brassland HWY-037
INFO: store.brassland.org

WORK: Ffarwel [6:03]
SOURCE: Real World Records CDRW202
INFO: realworldrecords.com

ARTIST: Yann Tiersen
WORK: Ar Maen Bihan [6:53]
RECORDING: “∞”(Infinity)
SOURCE: Mute 9592
INFO: mute.hasawebstore.com , also available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Iarla Ó Lionáird
WORK: Imeacht [4:44]
SOURCE: Real World CDRW184
INFO: realworldrecords.com 

ARTIST: Mouth Music
WORK: S'Muladach [5:23]
RECORDING: Live, WNYC 12/26/91
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. 
INFO: Mouth Music recordings are available: cdbaby.com

ARTIST: Alan Stivell
WORK: An Try Marrak [5:52]
RECORDING: Journee a la Maison
SOURCE: Rounder #3062
INFO: Try Amazon.com OR Stivell's site: alan-stivell.com

ARTIST: Christina Pato
WORK: O Loito do Mar [3:13]
RECORDING: The Galician Connection
SOURCE: Zouma - #ZRCD 062
INFO: Available at iTunes

ARTIST: Patrick Ball
WORK: Song of the Water Kelpie [3:02]
RECORDING: Celtic Harp III- Secret Isles
SOURCE: Fortuna 1985 
INFO: Available at Amazon.com