Preview of President Obama's Speech on Financial Reform

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heidi Moore, financial journalist and writer for Slate’s The Big Money, previews President Obama's speech on financial reform at Cooper Union today.

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Nick Lento from nj

The "live chat" used a moderated format which, I suspect blocked 90% of the submitted comments.....I was. frankly, annoyed that nothing I submitted was accepted (it turned out that one apologies for some of my annoyance at the "censors".

I just checked and it appears that Heidi N Moore actually AGREES with me (at least she did back in Dec 09 LOL)

The fix is in folks, we are being played yet again....and unless there is truly MASSIVE populist revolt, the money of the corrupt will continue to take precedence over what most Americans know in their gut......that is that the problem is totally systemic and that the system is corrupt...and that that corruption is all the more corrupt for its being 100% LEGALIZED!!!

What I just said seems to be too much for folks to stomach. It's much more comfortable to remain in denial re how bad things are.........the problem with denial is that the toxic infection just keeps on getting worse and spreading.

Apr. 22 2010 12:46 PM
Chris from An officer 200 yards from where Obama is speaking.

Demonizing capitalism--come on!

Your guest just said that what has made Wall Street resistant to reform because of the way Obama "demonized capitalism".

This is the kind of crap that I expect from the Teabaggers not a guest on your show.

There is no action that the Obama administration has EVER taken against capitalism. Only against the kind of outrageous risk taken (and outright swindling) that nearly brought down the world's economy.

Hopefully your guest was quoting some less reputable authority but that ought to have been specified.

It is this kind of rhetoric that makes any kind of reform of the obscene shift of wealth towards the elite that have occurred over the last 25 years.

Apr. 22 2010 11:55 AM
sophia from new rochelle

Obama GOT a buy-in from insurance companies before health reform even started. He cut a deal to kill the public option and drug reimportation. The NYT wrote all about it. That's why the bill that was passed was the Republican response to Clinton's plan and Romney care.

How much more conciliatory could Obama possibly be, and how much more ignorant could this reporter be?

Apr. 22 2010 11:50 AM

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