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Celebrating Moms and Motherhood

The StoryCorps project invites people from all over the country to share and preserve stories from their lives. The organization, based in Brooklyn, has recorded more than 30,000 personal tales in the past six years. Many of the stories are about moms and motherhood.

Recently, StoryCorps founder and award-winning public radio producer David Isay presented some of these stories at the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. The event marked the release of the new book, Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps.

Stream and download the talk here for free.

Bon Mots

David Isay on Listening: "That act of recognition, of realizing that there is so much more we share in common than divides us, can really help build bridges and remind us, especially in these incredibly divisive times, that we should spend a little more time listening to each other, and a little less time screaming at each other."

Caitlin, 10, to Her Mother: "You know, this is really helping me because there are some things which I was curious about and now this recording makes me really think that whatever you're saying is true."

Isay on What StoryCorps Captures: "What we're hearing in all these stories is humanity at its best: We're hearing authenticity."