360 Preview: The Short-Fingered Vulgarian

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Kurt Andersen poses as Donald Trump's body on the cover of Spy magazine's April 1988 issue

Kurt co-founded "Spy" magazine in 1986 — and Donald Trump was a fixture from the very first issue. In this sneak peek of this week’s episode, Kurt talks with "Spy" co-conspirator (and current "New Yorker" magazine editor) Susan Morrison about their days skewering the “shuttle-owning dilettante” who would become the Republican presidential nominee. They trace the history of the nickname “short-fingered vulgarian” from its conception in the offices of "Spy" to its appearance in the 2016 presidential race. “We had empirical evidence that it upset Trump,” Susan recalls. “He would circle pictures of his hands in gold Sharpie and send them to us.” 

Listen to the full episode — all about the cozy relationship between show business and American politics — this Thursday.