#3597: Music Inspired By Painters, Part 1

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This New Sounds program is the first of a three-part series of music dealing with paintings and/or painters.  Inspired by (electric) violinist Tracy Silverman, and his most recent release, “Between the Kiss and the Chaos,” where each part of a suite was titled after painters and their specific paintings. Listen to Silverman’s “O'Keeffe: Red Poppy” along with his “Picasso: Guernica.” Also, hear music by and about Kurt Schwitters from Brian Eno and then from the duo Ellis Island Sound.  There’s music from Caroline Shaw and Roomful of Teeth, with her self-described “wacked-out homage to Sol LeWitt” as part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning work, “Partita,” and more.

PROGRAM #3597 Music inspired by painters, part 1 (First aired on 5/13/2014)  





Tracy Silverman

Between the Kiss and the Chaos

O'Keeffe: Red Poppy [6:29]

Delos DE 3439

Ellis Island Sound


Schwitters in Lakeland [4:05]

Village Green Records 069

Brian Eno

Eno Box II: Vocals– Disc 2

Kurt’s Rejoinder [2:55]

Virgin/EG Records #ENOBX2
Available as an import from Amazon.com

Joan La Barbara

Sound Paintings

Klee Alee, excerpt [14:10]

Lovely Music #3001 

Roomful of Teeth

Roomful of Teeth

Caroline Shaw: Partita - Passacaglia  [5:56]

New Amsterdam NWAM 041

Tracy Silverman

Between the Kiss and the Chaos

Picasso: Guernica [13:24]

See above.