#3593: Voice & Electronics

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Jacob Cooper

On this edition of New Sounds, listen to music for voice and electronics, including the latest recording from Brooklyn-based composer Jacob Cooper, “Silver Threads.” It’s a song cycle written for soprano Mellissa Hughes, in which he employs laptop like a folk instrument.  The text of the first movement comes from a haiku by Basho, and the following five movements came from asking five contemporary poets to write their own poems in response to the Basho haiku. Listen to Cooper’s setting of the original haiku, and one with text by Tarfia Faizullah.

There’s also music from Korean-American composer Bora Yoon and her album, “Sunken Cathedral.” Then listen to music from veteran electro-acoustic composer Ingram Marshall, and a work from the Brooklyn-based singer and electronic musician, Julianna Barwick. Plus, hear a modern medieval creation by Ambrose Field, building out from Guillaume Dufay, featuring tenor John Potter, and more.

PROGRAM #3593 voice + electronics (First aired on 5/1/2014)  

ARTIST: Ambrose Field
WORK: Being Dufay, excerpt [1:00]
RECORDING: Being Dufay
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Jacob Cooper, feat. Mellissa Hughes, soprano
WORK: Silver Threads I - Silver Threads [6:52]
RECORDING: Silver Threads
SOURCE: Nonesuch 540989
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Bora Yoon feat. New York Polyphony
WORK: Semaphore Conductus [7:19]
RECORDING: Sunken Cathedral
SOURCE: Innova 880
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Jacob Cooper, feat. Mellissa Hughes, soprano
WORK: Silver Threads IV: Wefted History [6:56]
RECORDING: Silver Threads
SOURCE: Nonesuch 540989
INFO: nonesuch.com

ARTIST: Ingram Marshall
WORK: Rop Pa Fjellet (Cries Upon The Mountains) [7:02]
RECORDING:  Ikon and other early works
SOURCE: New World Records 80577
INFO: newworldrecords.org

ARTIST: Ambrose Field / John Potter
WORK: Je me complains [6:30]
RECORDING: Being Dufay
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Julianna Barwick
WORK: Crystal Lake [4:16]
SOURCE: Dead Oceans
INFO: scdistribution.com

ARTIST: John McGuire (w/Beth Griffith)
WORK: A Cappella, excerpt [7:50]
SOURCE: Sargasso SCD28043
INFO: sargasso.com