#3589: Medieval + Electronic = ?

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Bora Yoon

This New Sounds explores the equation of medieval + electronic = ?  Hear ecstatic melodies from the 12th century German composer abbess mystic Hildegard of Bingen in a contemporary context.  There are many versions of her “O Viridissima Virga,” incorporating modern electronics and sound design from the likes of Jocelyn Montgomery and David Lynch to arranger and producer Richard Souther. There’s also a version from the Korean-Amercian Bora Yoon as well, from her latest, “Sunken Cathedral.” Yoon's settings are ominous and disorienting when she transports these Hildegard songs into her electronic sound-world. 

Also, listen to other works that update medieval chant and opera, including a reworking of Hildegard’s opera “Ordo Virtutum “ by four “downtown” composers called the Hildegurls.  Plus, a work by Mason Bates, as sung by Chanticleer, where distant future meets ancient past.

PROGRAM #3589 medieval + electronic = ? (First aired on 4/14/2014)  

ARTIST: Gothic Voices
WORK: Hildegard” O viridissima virga [3:09]
RECORDING: Hildegard of Bingen: A Feather on the Breath of God
SOURCE: Hyperion #66039
INFO: Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Jocelyn Montgomery, David Lynch
WORK: Viridissima (O Viridissima virga) [5:26]
RECORDING: NS Live  @WFC, 1/22/99
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. 
INFO:  "Lux Vivens" – the Music of Hildegard von Bingen, by Jocelyn Montgomery and David Lynch, is on Mammoth Records #354 980-183, Available at Amazon.com

ARTIST: Bora Yoon
WORK: O viridissima virga [10:25]
RECORDING: Sunken Cathedral
SOURCE: Innova 880
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Hildegurls
WORK: Electric Ordo Virtutum, excerpt (Act 2) [5:47]
RECORDING: Electric Ordo Virtutum
SOURCE: Innova 712
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Mason Bates, feat. Chanticleer
WORK: Observer in the Magellanic Cloud [6:25]
RECORDING: Stereo Is King
SOURCE: Innova 882
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Bora Yoon
WORK: In Paradisum [8:54]
RECORDING: Sunken Cathedral
SOURCE: Innova 880
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Richard Souther
WORK: Song to the Mother (O Viridissima Virga) [3:22]
RECORDING: Vision – the music of Hildegard Von Bingen
SOURCE: EMI #55246
INFO: Try Amazon.com

ARTIST: Bora Yoon
WORK: O pastor animarum [4:27]
RECORDING: Sunken Cathedral
SOURCE: Innova 880
INFO: innova.mu