#3581: Percussion Ensembles

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Hear music for percussion ensemble on this New Sounds, including a work by Chicago-based composer Mason Bates from his record, “Stereo Is King.”  Written for Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Percussionist Cynthia Yeh, the title track is for electronics and a percussion trio of marimba, Thai gongs, and “toy drum set” (baby roto-toms and woodblocks) merged with processed Tibetan prayer-bowl recordings and restless drum n’ bass electronica. 

There’s also music by David T. Little which blends pre-recorded heavy metal guitar with the live percussion of the Chicago-based ensemble Third Coast Percussion.  Hear Part 1 of his “Haunt of Last Nightfall,” a piece that looks to the tragic massacre at El Mozote, El Salvador in December 1981.  Then listen to a collaborative work from So Percussion and Matmos, “Aluminum,” along with a work by Susie Ibarra, performed by Ethos Percussion. And more.

PROGRAM #3581 Percussion Ensembles (First aired on 3/25/2014)  

ARTIST: Mason Bates
WORK: Stereo Is King, excerpt [1:20]
RECORDING: Stereo Is King
SOURCE: Innova 882
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Ensemble et Al
WORK: Where the Past Goes Once You Forget [4:33]
RECORDING: Present Point Passed
SOURCE/INFO: ensembleetal.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Third Coast Percussion
WORK: David T. Little: Haunt of Last Nightfall, Part  1 [15:37]
RECORDING: Haunt of Last Nightfall
SOURCE: New Amsterdam Records 054
INFO: newamsterdamrecords.com

ARTIST: So Percussion + Matmos
WORK: Aluminum [7:03]
RECORDING: Treasure State
SOURCE: Cantaloupe Music 21065
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: Mason Bates
WORK: Stereo Is King [12:34]
RECORDING: Stereo Is King
SOURCE: Innova 882
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Ethos Percussion
WORK: Susie Ibarra: These Trees That Speak, excerpt [9:00]
INFO: cdbaby.com/ethospg3 | ethospercussiongroup.org