#3579: Abandoned Cities

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Hauschka's latest album, 'Abandoned City,' is out now.

On this New Sounds program, listen to a series of works about abandoned cities and towns. Sample works for prepared piano and electronics from German pianist and composer Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann)’s latest release, “Abandoned City,” inspired by different ghost towns throughout the world.  Then there’s music from Scotland’s Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson, from their excellent and stirring “Hirta Songs.” Listen to a work for piano by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies written in protest of the proposed uranium mine at Stromness, in Orkney, Scotland, along with another Hauschka work by the same name, but about a different locale - the whaling station on the South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic, “Stromness.”

Plus, hear Iranian kamancheh player and composer Kayhan Kalhor together with the string quartet Brooklyn Rider in Kalhor’s deep invitation to reflect, “Silent City," a largely improvised memorial to the city of Halabja, a Kurdish community destroyed in 1988 by the Saddam Hussein regime's chemical weapons.

PROGRAM #3579 Abandoned Cities (First aired on 3/19/2014)  

ARTIST: Hauschka
WORK: Elizabeth Bay [5:40]
RECORDING: Abandoned City
SOURCE: Temporary Residence trr232
INFO: shop.temporaryresidence.com

ARTIST: Hauschka
WORK: Stromness [5:35]
RECORDING: Abandoned City
SOURCE: Temporary Residence trr232
INFO: shop.temporaryresidence.com

ARTIST: (Sir) Peter Maxwell Davies
WORK: Farewell to Stromness [5:30]
RECORDING: Maximum Max
SOURCE: Collins Classics 14442
INFO: Try Amazon.com

ARTIST: Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson
WORK: The White-Handled Knife [4:26]
RECORDING:  Hirta Songs
SOURCE: Stone Tape Recordings  006
INFO: stonetaperecordings.co.uk

ARTIST: The Village Band 
WORK: Pilsdon Pen [5:18]
RECORDING: Imagined Village
SOURCE: Real World Records 884108-0142 
INFO: realworldrecords.com

ARTIST: Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider
WORK: Silent city, excerpt [20:12]
RECORDING: Silent city
SOURCE: World Village #468078
INFO: worldvillagemusic.com