#3573: Brass Band Music (for Mardi Gras!)

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Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

There's a brass band takeover of this New Sounds program; many with roots in New Orleans second line (the parading tradition originating in the 19th C.), like the Youngblood Brass Band out of Madison, WI, the Boston-based Revolutionary Snake Ensemble and the MarchFourth Marching Band from Portland, OR. From a live record, listen to the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble turn a musical lament for leader Ken Field’s late wife into a joyous explosion of traditional second line - with the often-performed hymn, “I’ll Fly Away.”

Then the MarchFourth Marching Band, whose name came from the date of their creation – which happened to be Mardi Gras (3/4/2003), creates a hybrid of Bhangra and reggae. Also, hear the Northern Indian-inspired wedding celebration meets Mardi Gras brass party music of Red Baraat from Brooklyn.  Then, listen to the Romanian “gypsy” horns of Fanfare Ciocarlia (yes, the band from the Borat movie), a Kanye West tune covered by a London-based Hackney Colliery Band, the Youngblood Brass Band funking up a Chaka Khan tune, and music from Egypt attacked by the circus punk marching band from Chicago, Mucca Pazza.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!

PROGRAM #3573 Brass Band Music (First aired on 3/4/2014)  

ARTIST: Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
WORK: For Karen…[7:21], I’ll Fly Away [6:37]
RECORDING: Live Snakes
SOURCE: Accurate Records 5065
INFO: RevolutionarySnakeEnsemble.org

ARTIST: Youngblood Brass Band
WORK: Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan) [5:38]
SOURCE: Tru Thoughts  TRU 278
INFO: tru-thoughts.co.uk

ARTIST: MarchFourth Marching Band
WORK: Delhi Belly [5:52]
RECORDING: Magnificent Beast
SOURCE: Burnside / Marchfourth Marching Band - #M4MB 004
INFO: cdbaby.com, also available at Amazon.com, iTunes, or Emusic.com

ARTIST: Red Baraat
WORK: Baraat to Nowhere [5:12]
SOURCE: redbaraat.bandcamp.com
INFO: AppleMusic, iTunes, Emusic.com, or Amazon.com

ARTIST: Fanfare Ciocarlia
WORK: Born to be Wild [3:11]
RECORDING: Queens and Kings
SOURCE: Asphalt Tango Productions (Import) - #CDATR 1207
INFO: asphalt-tango.de or via iTunes

ARTIST: Mucca Pazza
WORK: Toubeh (Kemal El Tawil arr. Ronnie Malley) [1:47]
RECORDING: Plays Well Together
SOURCE/INFO: store.muccapazza.com

ARTIST: Kermesz a l’Est
WORK: Sidibe, excerpt [6:08]
RECORDING: Kermesz a l’Est (2012)
SOURCE: soundcloud.com/kermesz-lest 
INFO: kermeszalest.com

ARTIST: Hackney Colliery Band
WORK: All of the Lights (Kanye West) [3:59]
RECORDING: Common Decency
SOURCE: Wah Wah / Wah Wah 45s - #WAHCD 024
INFO: wahwah45s.com

ARTIST: Brass Mask
WORK: Onnellinen, excerpt [3:30]
SOURCE: Babel - #BDV 13121
INFO: babel-label.bandcamp.com