#3568: Percussive Roots, New Routes

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Glenn Kotche

For this New Sounds program, hear musical works that begin with a percussive idea, maybe even a traditional one, but then end up someplace else. Listen to a work by drummer/composer Dosh (also known as Andrew Bird’s collaborator for the past many years), who is a multi-instrumentalist and a looper, besides.  From his 2013 release, “Milk Money,” sample a bit of the expansive, pulsing layers of keyboard, vocal samples, and drums on Dosh’s “Legos (for Terry).” There’s also tropical jazz pop from the Danish artist Frisk Frugt (aka Anders Lauge Meldgaard) which marries folk marimba, electric guitar and toy horns, with the results emerging like a sonic road-trip to Burkina Faso by way of Denmark after having picked up a hitchhiking Terry Riley.

Then, hear music from the late pioneering Cuban composer Juan Blanco, incorporating two drummers (congas and timbales) and electronics. Plus, from Glenn Kotche's 2014 record, “Adventureland,” listen to some music for "two pianos vs. percussion" in his multi-movement work, “The Haunted.” 

PROGRAM #3568 Percussive Roots, New Routes (First aired on 2/20/2014)  

WORK: Legos (for Terry), excerpt [12:43]
SOURCE: Graveface Records GRAVE102
INFO: graveface.bandcamp.com

ARTIST: Frisk Frugt
WORK: Biodynamisk Æblejuice Bringer Solen Indenfor Om Vinteren [5:01]
RECORDING: Dansktoppen Møder Burkina Faso i det Himmelblå rum Hvor Solen bor, Suite
SOURCE: Exotic Pylon EP20
INFO: exoticpylonrecords.com

ARTIST: Juan Blanco
WORK: Cirkus Toccata [12:50]
RECORDING: Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time)
SOURCE:  Innova 248
INFO: innova.mu

ARTIST: Powerplant (Joby Burgess)
WORK: Reich: Electric Counterpoint - I Fast (arr. Burgess) [6:51]
RECORDING: Powerplant: Electric Counterpoint
INFO: signumrecords.com

ARTIST: Glenn Kotche, with Lisa Kaplan and Yvonne Lam, piano | Doug Perkins, Matthew Duvall, percussion
WORK: The Haunted Viaduct [5:49]
RECORDING: Adventureland
SOURCE: Canteloupe Records CA 21098
INFO: cantaloupemusic.com

ARTIST: Bill Alves / Susan Jensen, violin HMC American Gamelan
WORK: Concerto for Violin and Gamelan, Mvmt 2, excerpt [6:45]
RECORDING: Mystic Canyon
SOURCE: Microfest Records 
billalves.com, available at iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.com